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8 May 2014

Something a little different tonight.  How about a bit of info on Kandahar.  Now I do not even remotely pretend to be an expert on the place.  Far from it but this is just a little info I have been able to glean from online reading coupled with a few photos supplied by some recipients.  I thought you might like to see just a little of the place some of our troops are working and living.

Kandahar has a subtropical arid climate which means little precipitation and a huge difference between temperatures in summer and winter.   Whilst we are staring to get ready for winter, Summer is just starting over there now and lasts until late-September.  Their summers are extremely dry. Temperatures are at their highest in July with a 24-hour daily average of around 31.9 °C . Next comes dry autumns from early-October to late-November, with days still averaging in the 20s °C  into November, though nights are much cooler. Winter begins in December and that is when most rain is receievd. Winter temperatures average 5.1 °C  in January, although lows can drop well below freezing. Winter finally comes to an end in early-March.  Spring makes an appearance till late-April with temperatures generally in the upper 10s °C to lower 30s °C range. Days are usually sunny  and rainfall in summer is extremely rare. The annual mean temperature is 18.6 °C.

Kandahar is a major trading center for sheep, wool, cotton, silk, felt, food grains, fresh and dried fruit, and tobacco. The region produces fine fruits, especially pomegranates and grapes, and the city has plants for canning, drying, and packing fruit.  Kandahar has an International airport and extensive road links with other major regional centres around the country.  
The region around Kandahar is one of the oldest known human settlements. Alexander the Great had laid-out the foundation of what is now Old Kandahar in the 4th century BC and gave it the Ancient Greek name Alexandria of Arachosia. Many empires have fought over the city due to its strategic location along the trade routes of southern, central and western Asia.
Where I have them I have given you descriptions of the photos.  Hope you enjoy them.


 Inside a Blackhawk over Kandahar

 Flying into Kabul

 Kandahar Airfield

 Kandahar Airfield

Kandahar Province

  The Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI)is an organisation created by the British government in 1921 to run recreational establishments needed by the British Armed Forces  It’s basically the British canteen and coffee shop on Kandahar Airfield

 One of the rooms
This was taken at a Mentor Meeting. The menu included smoked fresh king fish, spiced rice and a potato and goat curry – I am told it was AMAZING

 The following people have sent quilts and laundry bags on their way this week.  If you are not on the list and should be please let me know.  

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Till next time…………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.   JMxx

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