Instructions for HMAS Cerberus Laundry bags

Written by AHQ

26 October 2023

Hi all, 

Heather has been kind enough to write out some instructions for the HMAS Cerberus Recruit School Laundry Bags some of you have been kind enough to take on.  



If you collected some Cerberus Crest patches at the Friday
night Quilter’s function at the Volunteer Weekend ……..STOP! …….. take a minute
to read these instructions please.

1.     Email Jan-Maree fr**********@gm***.com with the following information

a) How many laundry bags you will be making,

b) Jan-Maree will work out how many prepaid satchels you need and will send to you accordingly,  (hint… ironing the folded bags will get you more in a pack, 2 should fit in a small size. You will be sending in batches rather than individually to save postage $$$)

2.     As well as the Recruit School crest, the laundry bags should have a “Nautical theme”. Add a blank patch (on back or front) for the recipient to add their initials.



3.     As always,
please include a letter to the recipient please. Attaching with a small safety
pin on the inside at the top of the bag so it doesn’t get separated is good!

4.     When your
allotted LB’s are completed

a)     Photograph and
email AHQ as usual for their records, and Friday’s dispatch list. Please send a
group photo if making more than one.

b)    You will then be
given the postal address to send the LB’s to HMAS Cerberus directly.

Do not post to AHQ / Jan-Maree as this means double

Thanks everyone.  

Till next time keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree xx

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