Kiss Concert

Written by AHQ

26 October 2023

Kiss Concert

“Shout it, Shout it, Shout it out loud” It certainly was on Saturday 7th October at the KISS concert.


“Well the night’s begun and you want some fun.

Do you think you’re gonna find it (find it)

You got to treat yourself like number one

Do you need to be reminded (need to be reminded)

It doesn’t matter what you do or say

Just forget the things that you’ve been told

We can’t do it any other way

Everybody’s got to rock n roll yay”

Yes, we had fun and we did treat ourselves. For three lucky people Kristie H, Rachel B and Cath H, at the kind offer of complimentary tickets from the ADF we prepared for with makeup and headed off to the KISS concert. Kristie and Rachel are seasoned concert goers and rockers at heart. For Cath this was a first.

After our regular monthly sewing day at Jan-Maree’s we donned the KISS makeup. There were lots of laughs as we did our best to put the makeup on. We provided great entertainment for the Ball family as we applied our makeup. With comments like Ï look like a ghost”, “Well it is nearly Halloween”. We helped each other put the finished touches to our makeup.
We drove to Accor Stadium at Olympic Park and then walked to where our gate
entry was. On the way we were greeted with by a number of people “where did you
get your makeup done?” Rachel got comments of “Go Mumma”. Kristie and Rachel
stopped to check out the merchandise stand before we went through the entry gate.
While waiting for them Cath was approached for a photo opportunity by two men with
their makeup done. Many of the people attending the concert were in full makeup.
Once through the entry gate it was then off to find our row and then seats but not
before we had our photo taken with a Gene Simmons impersonator.
We were amazed at the number of empty seats and one section had no people in it
and this was the KISS final concert.

The show was about to start, and we saw on the screen the band members walking
from their dressing rooms before they entered the stage. Thank goodness for the big
screens to see them as they were like ants on stage.
The drums rolled, the guitars strummed, and the music began. They glittered and
shone in their costumes with their 8” high boots. A roar went up! KISS was here to
perform and perform they did. Paul Stanley was the front man for the concert,
engaging with the audience. Did you know that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are
the only original band members? They have been performing for 50 years and the
bands ages range from 71-74 years.
Throughout the concert band members were show cased- there was a drum solo,
Gene Simmons on guitar with his famous tongue and fire breathing, guitar solos from
Paul Stanley. Songs were punctuated with fireworks and explosions creating a
spectacle. Paul Stanley used a variety of different coloured glittering guitars
throughout the night. So that the band members had a break Paul Stanley did a
flying fox over the mosh pit and out onto a raised platform in the middle of the mosh
pit and entertained the crowd with guitar skills and solos. The band played for two
hours. As the concert drew to a close people turned on their phones and waved in
the air, reminiscent of the closing of the Sydney Olympics.

The band had finished and had left the stage. The crowd waited in anticipation. Up went a roar, they were back with songs that we knew. The crowd was up on their feet and waving their arms as the guitar riffs rolled out, the drums echoed, and we sang along to “I was made for loving you baby” “Ï want to rock and roll all night” and “Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud” and other songs. The crowd danced in their seats joining in with the songs that were so familiar. What a momentous occasion. KISS final concert! Paul Stanley concluded the show with the smashing of his guitar.

There were explosions of smoke and ticker tape to farewell the band.


Thank you so much for this recount of a fabulous night thanks to the generosity of the ADF Cath H

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