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7 October 2023

I missed the post on Friday lucky for me the recipient lived in my city enabling me to deliver the quilt I had created for Invictus Team Member Danielle –you may remember the Aussie Invictus Team Member who mentioned Aussie Hero Quilts in her acceptance of a yellow respect ribbon presented to all participants at the conclusion of the Games.

I was very excited and a little nervous to meet her, not only did she serve our country but was also selected as an Invictus 2023 Team Member.  This made her a recipient of an AHQ Laundry Bag and Quilt, and I was lucky enough to be selected to make both for her.

Dani met me at the door proudly wearing her Invictus Team uniform and was followed closely behind by her beautiful Assistance Dog Poppy, and her adorable Border Collie Miah.  Dani’s husband and son were there, and I was invited to look at the most amazing display of Invictus memorabilia.  The first item I held in my hand was the Bronze Medal!!!! The second was the  Yellow Respect Ribbon signed by hundreds, a collection of pins from other competing countries along with the leather gloves Dani wore during her wheelchair events.  There were so many items to look at I had to keep telling myself (don’t touch!!).

We moved outside to a picturesque back yard where we could take photos.  I met her cat – the owner of a small fishing boat that sat proudly under the pergola. (Funny cat.)

So many wonderful first experiences:

1.       I met the recipient of an Aussie Hero Quilt and laundry bag I created for them.

2.       I met an Invictus Team Member and in uniform (that was a real blast).

3.       I held in my hands an Invictus Bronze Medal!! (WOW)

4.       I had a photo taken with an Aussie Hero holding her AHQ and her assistance dog Poppy featured next to the Laundry Bag that Dani took onboard her flight to Dusseldorf which carried a change of clothes and a blanket – I thought that was a very cool use of the laundry bag.

These amazing firsts weren’t the only first in this journey.  For all you Aussie Hero Quilters out there, I had a huge first when I made the quilt – I free motion quilted stippling around the map of Germany.  Its not in my DNA to stipple, its too random and I actually find it quite scary, but……….. I figured if Dani could serve our country, represent Australia at the Invictus Games, then surely I could face the fear of random stippling and I did……………………………. Phew – Thanks Dani 😊

This was by far the most rewarding experience for me as a member of Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags.

Happy Stippling!!

Cheers, Deb K


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