Happy Mothers Day…..

Written by AHQ

11 May 2014

  • Good morning all.  
Firstly I want to share a message I received out of the blue from one of our gorgeous young heroes who is waiting patiently to receive his parcel from us.  

  • morning happy mothers day to you and all your team 

  • you guys are doing a wonderful job.

Thank you for that.  It made my day.  I bet he has a very proud mum back home!
Now from me to you….

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women who sew for Aussie Heroes.  
I hope you all have a really lovely day today.  
Without the time and energy you devote to AHQ we would not exist.  
To all the mothers who are deployed at the moment, or who are posted away, or are simply on duty outside the home today, thank you for your service and I hope your loved ones find a way to let you know how much they care.  
To all the mothers, grandmothers, wives and partners who are back here waiting for their heroes and heroines to come home, thank you for standing by them while they do their duty.  I hope you have something nice to look forward to today.  Treat yourself a little if there is noone around to do it for you. You deserve it.

To the families whose loved one will never come home, for whom today, and days like today, will always be bittersweet, you are not forgotten.  May your memories and the comfort of loved ones around you give you reason to smile today.

To a couple of special girls I know who are no doubt excited and full of anticipation for what next Mother’s Day will be like …hope you enjoyed a sleep in this morning and make sure you linger over your breakfast or lunch …………… coz this is the last Mother’s Day you will be able to do that for a very long time, but I doubt you will be complaining!  xx


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  1. kiwikid

    Beautiful Jan-Maree – I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day too.

  2. Sue Niven

    Just lovely
    Happy Mother's Day to you too.


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