Happy Mail Wednesday 4 December

Written by AHQ

4 December 2013

Hi Everyone, Caroline here again, helping out JM who is driving, driving,  driving today to pick up her son from boarding school.
Thought I’d start off with a few photo’s that I took at the Brisbane dinner, they were few and far between because I was busy running around and chatting to everyone, but I thought you’d all appreciate these ones.  JM, Angela & I did say that it would be a very tough job to judge the laundry bag competition and that we were glad it was Super Dad and Money Honey’s job to decide the winner. Here they are going over and over the competition.  They even went out for a secret chat to make the final decisions.

They did a great job and were so lovely.  I had a fantastic night and got to chat to some lovely people.  The night was a huge success. 
Every now and then Jan-Maree ask people to tell her how they use their quilts when they are home.  Well here is one use that I think we will all enjoy.  This little fellow was born recently and I could think of no better use for one of our quilts.  This quilt was appropriately made by Granny Smith!

OK so now for a bit of Happy Mail…. This is a lovely bunch, we have attached the letter so you can
see who was involved in these laundry bags.

Hi Jan-Maree,  Here are 17 laundry bags (9 pictures) hope they are ok and are up to your standard

A team effort started when my friend Kerry O’M (a littlestitching.blogspot.com.au) had a clear out and we came up with a “she’d send me a couple of outers and I’d sew the laundry bags”.  She sent me 17 pieces!!  So it has taken me a year with one thing and another – like scrounging and buying enough lining fabric  – helped by a local business I was doing some work for- Cherille from Broadford Curtins and Blinds – who gave me a large piece of calico and donated the cord – and just having stitching time amongst the other boring stuff but finally a year later than anticipated finally getting the laundry bags to you.

I hope this small parcel contributes to the awesome efforts of yourself and your team.




So in other news Jan-Maree has been asked to do a radio interview with Steve Austin on ABC Radio Brisbane’s Mornings program on 612 ABC Brisbane – 10am Wednesday 11 December (11am your local time).  She will be having a chat about Aussie Hero Quilts & Laundry Bags so I hope you will put it in your diary so you can listen in.

The website is http://www.abc.net.au/brisbane/ for those of you who want to listen in online if you’re  not local.  
Finally here are some photo’s that were put up on facebook last night by a guy from HMAS Melbourne.  The photos show the quilts as they appear in his 6 Pack or Mess (This is a pod of 6 bunks together).
The quilts are folded and strapped down whilst they are at sea.  The beds that are made had bodies on them at the time of the photo’s.  Our photographer was sitting on his bed reading when he decided to snap some pictures for us.
The lone laundry bag hanging on the locker is a laundry bag on it’s second rotation.  It was originally made for a recipient on HMAS Anzac, so it’s a veteran.  HMAS Anzac was the first ship in the Australian Navy that we made quilts and laundry bags for.
I don’t know about you but I love to see them in action.

We’d love to hear from any quilters who recognise their quilts in action.
Ok so that’s all for today.
Happy Sewing

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  1. Sue Niven

    Good job on this post! Loved seeing them in their natural habitat! Love the pictures on the judging too. a very good read.


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