Happy Mail 18th October 2017

Written by AHQ

18 October 2017

Happy Mail 18th October

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who make
If ever you feel that you are “just making a few blocks”, please remember, YOUR blocks enable the Coffs Harbour Sewing Team to make wonderful, personalised quilts for our Heroes.
With these blocks, the quilts can be made quite quickly and time is devoted to personalising the quilt to meet the specific requests of each Recipient.
I had the privilege of attending Jan-Maree’s Thank You Dinner in Canberra last weekend, where many Defence Force Officers spoke to the gatherings and told us about her it feels to receive a Quilt or Laundry Bag while deployed and it was wonderful to hear how our contributions are really make a difference in their times of deployment.
Many Officers and Servicemen and Servicewomen also spoke to us individually,
with such sincerity and gratitude for our gifts to them.

Block of the Month volunteers…this gratitude is extended to you as you make
it possible for us to make many, many quilts for these Heroes.
If you would like to make a block or two, please go to this link for the tutorial.
Until next month…happy Heroes sewing.

Joan H

Glenda S

Alma Y

Bobbie S

Bobbie S

Judy D

Ann W

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