Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Thank You Weekend…. A Quilters Gathering …….

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18 October 2017

and what a gathering it was…..

There was certainly nothing black about Friday the 13th at the Diplomat Hotel in Canberra.
Sixty plus quilters came along to the conference room at the Diplomat to share a night of fun and friendship prior to the BIG Night the following night.

Fiona and Shannon, the lovely ladies from Sweet Bundles, came along and set up a mini shop to tempt all the ladies to spend a few of their weekend dollars.  I am just sorry that I did not take a photo of their display… they had some gorgeous goodies and I am told that their poppy fabric sold out in no time flat. 

Fiona’s husband popped in to say hello.  I am not sure if I have told you before but he is one of our recipients, actually one of mine, as I made him his laundry bag (Lynn made his quilt). I asked him if he would stay around and say a few words to the assembled about what it meant to him and his men to receive their quilts.  He is a wonderful humble man and when he speaks about AHQ he speaks from the heart.     I know quite a few ladies were moved by his words.  I am so glad he was able to stay.

Next I invited Shannon, on the left, and Fiona, on the right, to say a few words and to explain what Sweet Bundles is all about. 

Next along came our very own Quilting Chief Petty Officer Cath.  Cath has deployed since our last dinner and she was able to tell a few stories.  She told the story of one on her recipients who was deployed to Kabul but left before she got there. She mentioned to some people in location that she had made his laundry bag but had not heard from him.  They told her that when he got it he wore it over his uniform for two days as a cape!!  OK I guess that means he liked it!  😀  That will do me! 

Cath was also on the receiving end of care packages from us in the way of muffin mixes, cake mixes and ANZAC Biscuit ingredients….  She talked about how her daily round of baking, often at 9pm at night or later, made a huge difference to the morale of the troops around her.   It started conversations with young men about their mums and sisters baking in the kitchens at home. 

After BC, the Sweet Bundles lovelies and Cath it was time for some show and tell and we enjoyed several lovely quilts…. love this one……

This young lady, Jessica, took on making a quilt as a school self improvement project. In all she made this gorgeous quilt for a specific recipient and 29 laundry bags as her commitment… what an awesome effort for a 14 year old!

Another awesome quilt on display…
Sharon did not have anything to show but she talked about the students at her school have a working bee to sew for Aussie Heroes…. awesome effort kids! 

And finally it was time for the lady herself…… Helen Godden.

Now just so you know, initially Helen said she could not make it to our dinner as she would have just come home from NZ the day before (I think) and then had to head off again on the Monday…. she literally squeezed us in in the middle of all that travel. Thanks so much Helen.

Starting with a bulging suitcase full of quilts Helen showed us quilt after quilt after quilt and all of them absolutely fabulous……

Many of them were painted and then amazingly quilted…..

This one, if my memory serves me correctly, was couched wool…. amazing!!!

and so many more awesome quilts……

I am not even a Collingwood fan…. but I loved this one….. amazing quilting….

and this is my absolute favourite… 

All hand painted, the Vivid quilt…

AMAZING and the photos do not do it justice!

From the humble BC, to the fabric mavens from Sweet Bundles, the captivating Cath and then on to the incredibly talented and funny Helen, the whole night was a feast for the AHQers!!!

From all the feedback I have received everyone had a ball… 
now to think of something for next year……

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Unknown

    It was a fantastic night. We're so glad we were able to make it. The stories were so moving – it was hard not to cry. The work displayed during "show and tell" was fantastic. Helen Godden and her mother are incredibly talented. The work she has created is mind blowing!


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