Happy Mail 14th February 2018

Written by ahq_admin

15 February 2018

Sorry this is a day late… 


Valentine’s Day is a good day to consider ALL the people we love in our lives, and 
not just those we love romantically, because love IS “what makes the world go round”.  
Try to imagine a world without love…oh dear, that’s a terrible thought.  

All of us involved with Aussie Heroes Quilts and Laundry Bags are showing 
our deployed Defence Force personnel that we 
do indeed love them and honour them as they serve us and this great South Land.

Thank you to the following people who have sewn Blocks of the Month 
that will be made into quilts for our Heroes.

If you would like to make this month’s Red Black and White BOM, please go here for the tutorial.

Melissa B 1

Melissa B 2

Melissa B 3

Jan A

Alyson B

Ann K

Lyn I 1

Lyn I 2

Lyn I 3

Lyn I 4

Lyn I 5

And thanks to the Queensland Quilters Night Group for these poppy blocks. 

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