Grati-Tuesday 7th March 2023

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7 March 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Welcome to the first post for March. 
I hope you have an awesome week so far!
Only a few today but you might need your tissues for one of them!
Grab a nice cool beverage or cuppa, some chokiessit back, relax and savour these beautiful messages! 
Good Evening Jenny L,

I’ve just received the laundry bag you made. I greatly appreciate the work you and many others at Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags – of course!) are putting in to make our overseas experience just a little bit better.
I am currently deployed on RCB 139 Malaysia as a General Duties MP. It has been an honor to be selected for this rotation, and am looking forward to the opportunities for personal development and growth ahead.
I am originally from Darwin, where the tropical heat and humidity is no stranger to us from there. I can see that having a son who partook in Malaysian jungle training would inspire you to put in this work for us.
It is good to see that your daughter had the opportunity to return to Sydney, even if for a little while. Being near family can mean more to a Defence member than any money or promotion opportunity, and I hope she finds further success in Canberra.
Once again Jenny, thank you for your gift, but most importantly for the work you and everyone at Aussie Hero Quilts do; the sentiment is what I, and I’m sure many others here, value more than anything else.
Kind regards,


I’d just like to send a huge thank you to you all, but especially to Hilary M who kindly sewed my son’s quilt in 2014. 
My boy passed away in 2021. His quilt is green with a transformer logo appliquéd on it and has given me such comfort. I also use his laundry bag in our little caravan. Somehow it makes me feel closer to him.
 I’m so very proud of his 15 years service and can’t explain the heartache I feel every day. 
Thank you so much for the time you take for OUR men and women who work so hard for our country. Work that takes them away from their families for long periods of time. I used to tell him if he needed a hug to wrap himself in his quilt and imagine it was my arms. 
Thank you 

Hi Janice L,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I received my quilt and laundry bag this morning…. thankyou, they look great!
I discharged due to injury from the Army in 2012 after a little over 21 years in RASIGS.  I injured myself in Timor and I’m positive I would still be in if not for that –  it was all I ever wanted to do from a very young age. Since getting out I have been doing security work at a Defence site… pretty mundane stuff but it pays the bills. I’m actually waiting to hear back about a couple of jobs I applied for last year… fingers crossed!
My wife spent most of her working life before we met in the this area so we moved back here when I got out of the Army.  A hairdresser by trade, she runs a salon from home and also works in the salon at the local aged care facility one or two days a week.  The far South Coast of NSW is a nice place to raise the kids – we have one of each aged 17 and 16.
Again, thank you for taking the time to make my quilt and laundry bag… they certainly are unique and will be put to good use.


Hi Thelma G

I am absolutely delighted with the quilt and laundry bag 
you made me!
Although it didn’t get to me during my two deployments to the Middle East, I will be using your lovely creations on all my future operations… and at home.
Thanks so much for them, your tremendous skills and for supporting the 
members of the Defence Force while we are at some of the nastiest places on earth.
Warm regards

I was very lucky to do a presentation at work to a colleague that I hadn’t seen for many years.  I engaged his wife after I got the request and together we sourced information and some photos.  She also informed me he was coming home from overseas on a weeks leave so we arranged to surprise him with his quilt.  
It was definitely a surprise. He had no idea why he was meeting me.  As soon as I handed him the surfing box holding his quilt and said those immortal words “on behalf of Aussie Hero Quilts…”.  He finally realised what was in the box!  Unfortunately it might not make it back with him for his last couple of months.  They are pretty sure their little boy is not going to let his dad take it away!

L-R Recipients wife, Recipient and Belinda P.

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in. 
Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!







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