Avalon Air Show

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9 March 2023

Hi All

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Avalon Air Show but not to see the aircraft etc. I had another role to play. 

For those that do not know the Avalon International Air Show is HUGE. If you have not attended the event then you cannot imagine the magnitude of the event.  The Air Show is world renowned and lots of VIPs attend, including the Chiefs of Air Force from around the world. Whilst the Chiefs are busy talking business etc their partners are kept busy with a Cultural Immersion Program.  I was invited to address the partners and tell them all about Aussie Hero Quilts. 

I flew down to Melbourne on Monday afternoon and was collected from my hotel at 0745 on Tuesday morning. On the way we collected LTCOL Geoff Grey who also speaking that day. A little more about Geoff later.

We finally made it to Avalon around 10am. It took us longer to get there than expected because the traffic was significant.   Once we arrived at Avalon we were ushered into a golf cart and driven to the venue where we were speaking. We were all given lanyards and special passes to gain access. 


The first speaker was Katrina from the Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS) Branch.  She outlined a lot of programs that support our veterans and their families. 

Geoff is the Artistic Director of the ADF Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork and Skills Program (ARRTS).  In short, this is a program that exposes serving members to artistic pursuits that can help them cope with the stresses of their jobs.  


I was the final speaker and was finished by about 1115.  I took two quilts and a couple of laundry bags to show and just as I finished the very loud PA system started up outside as a bit of an air show started up. We were lucky to finish before they started. 
After our speeches it was back to the golf cart, back to the hotel, arriving at 1230. I did not even go back inside I got a taxi straight to the airport arriving at 1330.  I boarded my flight at 1530 and was back home in time for dinner at 1800.  
I was delighted to be asked to present to the Cultural Immersion Program but I have to say, I am soooooo glad I was not involved with the logistics and I take my hat off to all involved getting the show up and running. 
Thank you to Lockheed Martin Australia 
Some of our volunteers from Melbourne were invited to attend a special reception on Friday night hosted by our Major Sponsors Lockheed Martin Australia. 
Geoff C, Marilyn, Bev C, and Shirley, pictured above, attended.
Bev Wrote 
Hi Jan Maree. Well what a fabulous experience.  Hospitality was exceptional, food and drink service was attended to by very capable friendly staff. We did meet and
chat with Shirley, and Marilyn. Also chatted
with a recipient, a RAAF member, and he
told us of how much it meant when he received a Laundry Bag whilst serving
overseas. Lockheed Martin Australia really did it well and made us feel special. Thank you
to all concerned.



Regards Bev & Geoff C.

Bev and Geoff 


Yummy Food 
From Marilyn 

We arrived at the Airshow at 2pm
after a short hold up in traffic! There were an enormous amount of planes to see and some that the public was allowed to walk through.  The Defence Force members that were explaining about their jobs on the plane were very friendly.

We watched a number of flying displays which were fantastic.  The Roulettes were dropping fire bombs on their fly past which were very loud and colourful.  There was a Korean Aerobatics team that did a 30 minute display which was a bit heart stopping.  When they flew at each other it looked like they were going to collide but they turned at the last minute. They had red and blue smoke coming out the back with every stunt that they performed.

At 6pm we went into the Lockheed Martin Chalet for food and drinks.  The Chalet staff were very welcoming and served a beautiful array of finger food.  There were sausage rolls, truffles with vegies, also dishes containing salmon, beef and lamb.

We met up with Shirley and Kevin and Bev and Geoff and had a lovely time chatting. We were joined by some of the Defence Force and even sang Happy Birthday to one of their friends.  

The Chalet was near the runway so we were able to see the night activities in comfort.  The staff were very friendly and attentive.  Fireworks wound up a very enjoyable day/night. 

A huge thank you to Lockheed Martin Australia for including us in the Friday night function. 
Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 
Jan-Maree xx

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