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7 November 2017

Hi Jan-Maree, 
I received both the laundry bag and quilt. Thank you for getting them to me. 

This quilt was made by Lynn and quilted by Bridget.


Hi Mary 
Just received the quilt you made and what a magnificent job you have done, exactly what I had imagined.  

I’m a keen fisherman and we have a coastal home and your quilt will take pride of place there.   Our plan is to retire to there in a couple of years and the quilt will be on one of the grandchildren’s beds when they visit.  Once again thank you for the effort and time you have put in to make this a personal memento for myself and my family for many years to come.  

I have attached a  recent photo of our task group taken just a few days ago. 
Kind regards 


Hi Relma,

I apologise for the delay in making contact with you in regards to receiving my quilt. We have been maintaining a high tempo up here in the Middle East region and while it has been rewarding it has also been time consuming. However I received your quilt a few weeks ago and I am extremely happy with the results! We weren’t able to give much of a description for what we liked design-wise but it turned out far better than I ever envisioned. I care very deeply for the Navy and anything Navy related and having the Anchor made from actual rope as well as the camouflage design is great. The quilt is displayed on my Rack (Bunk) with pride and I love showing it to the other sailors who can also appreciate your work. We have recently completed whole ship photos with everyone’s quilts and while there are many great quilts out there I personally think I received the best one.
A bit about me though. I am an Able Seaman Electronics Technician and have currently served for 4 years. I specialise in looking after large weapons systems on board the ship. I enjoy my line of work because it is a very technical role but also has the added benefit of working with such large weapon systems. I take a lot of pride in my work and one of the highlights of my career was when we got to live fire a Missile earlier this year. It took lots of work preparing for the event but to see my systems in action in a very rare event such as a missile firing was a great opportunity. This is my first international deployment and has been a life changing experience for me. I can easily see myself working as a sailor for a long and full career as this work seems to suit me perfectly.
I hope you, your family and Taffy are doing well since you sent the quilt and letter. I want to thank you once again for the time and quality you put into my quilt and truly appreciate it. Receiving a gift like this thanking me for my service really hits home and reminds me of what we are achieving over here and why it is so important.

My best wishes,

Gday Relma

Thank you ever so much for the exquisite laundry bag.  It will compliment the lovely quilt I received today.

I am currently serving in the middle east, where the day time temperature is nudging 35-44 most days.  Thank God we are going into winter as it was up around fifty when we first got here 4 weeks ago today.

I have been serving in the Army now for 25yrs and this is my fifth deployment.  That adds up to a bit over two years away from loved ones, not to mention exercises and courses. In all I have an understanding wife who originally married a printer as for the first seventeen years of the Army I was in the reserves in Sydney and spent a lot of time either at Holsworthy or Singleton. As a result I know the Hunter area quite well and Newcastle surrounds.

The unit I am currently with is a Logistics battalion where I am in the Q store issuing equipment out to the troops. 

My previous life in the Army I was Infantry, but have always had a passion for Light horse, but have never been in a cavalry unit.

My wife who originally hails from a property near Canberra is also into quilting and this is how we met Jan Maree (Aussie Hero Quilts) at a quilting night near home. 

We have made a life of enjoying re enactment with the Light horse (as that’s how we met).

My grandfather was a wireless operator back in WW1 attached to the light horse in Palestine and he was at Beersheba when the charge went in. I suppose this is where I get my passion and drive to maintain that piece of Australian History from.

Out of all the deployments though I have never received anything as nice as this laundry bag you have made for me. 

Next time you are having a quiet beverage, have one for me as we can’t drink over here. I’ll be counting the days down till I’m back in Aus, as from all my experiences there is no place on earth like our home land.

Yours sincerely


Hello Fran,

I received your laundry bag during my 3.5 months deployment (Okra).  My role over there was a maintainer on F/A-18F, the work was okay but the heat was horrendous over there. we were pretty busy at times but we all pushed through and get the job done.

I just want to say thank you for the time and effort that you put in to make the bag, I definitely loved it.

Keep up the good work!

Hi Beth,

Thank-you so much for my amazing quilt. You did an incredible job. I love it so much and will keep hold of it for the rest of my life.

This is now my third deployment overseas. It’s always a great honour coming over here to serve my country and knowing that I am making my family proud.

I grew up in Townsville, QLD and had always dreamed of being in the Air Force like many of my family members before me. I have now been serving in the RAAF for almost 10 years and have been privileged to see most of Australia and a handful of other countries on both deployments and exercises.

As pleasing as it is serving over here, I still can’t wait to get home to Brisbane next year knowing my beautiful partner is looking after everything for me. She also serves in the RAAF and has been deployed too.

Thanks so much again for taking the time perform this incredible gesture for me and for all the others you make quilts and bags for too. It certainly brings a smile to our faces and is something we will all look back on and remember.

Dear Ann and Lovely fellow Kraft Daze Kwilters,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our beautiful new laundry bags, received today through our chaplain. Such a beautiful and selfless thing that you ladies do for us and the absolute joy of receiving a little love from home can’t be understated, and it’s so appreciated.

Thank you all so very much. 

“Another happy soldier in the Middle East” was this message for Liz J who made his LB and Lydia McK who made his quilt.


Hello Clarissa, I hope this email finds you in good spirits. 

Thank you for your heart felt words, and a bloody fantastic laundry bag. I’m sew stoked about it!   It definitely does bring a bit of colour to our deployment, for the endless chore of washing our clothes I’ll be seeing it everyday.  All of the team at Aussie Hero Quilts (and laundry bags) have made an impact on us, and the ones who thought it was a dorky idea or lazy to order one were immediately jealous once they saw the top notch quality how they’ve been made. Great job, thanks again Clarissa.

PS telling me a bit about yourself was humbling to hear, and one day I hope I will be where you are in life with a big smile on my face too. Have a Merry Christmas Clarissa and all the best for you and your family’s next adventures through 2018.

PPS I’m grateful for the WPH Group of AHQ sewers to make me a quilt as well! 

I do feel very lucky. You know how to spoil a man.

Dear Debbie.

Thank you so, so much for the quilt of the Essendon Bombers!!! These legendary quilts are amazing and it’s such a fantastic morale booster when it arrives. Your efforts and that of Aussie Hero Quilts is highly admirable and I wanted to write to thank you very much for the effort you have gone to in order for this to be made. Things like these remind me so much of home, it was the best surprise to get today. Thank you.
Deployment is going well, thanks. I am a watch keeper in the Australian operations room. It’s a very interesting and fulfilling job.
My time here finishes early next year. Will be good to get home and see the folks – I am from country Victoria, about three hours west of Melbourne.
Anyway, just a note to thank you very much for the quilt. I know it would have taken a long time to make. It is such a nice gesture and very much appreciated. Please see below a picture of the quilt in all its Essendon glory.
With best wishes.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Aussie Hero Quilts (and laundry bags) for my gift that arrived in the mail today. To Beverley F, my quilter extraordinaire, you did an amazing job and I love what you have made for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s amazing that wonderful people such as yourself donate your time and skills to create these works of art. Thanks again. Your efforts are truly appreciated.


Good morning Pennie. 

I want to thank you for the efforts you put into such an awesome laundry bag. Also I would like to thank you for the tireless hours you would have spent serving the people of Australia on your emergency ward. Make no mistake people like you are the backbone of our country and I am sorry to say you don’t get the credit you deserve. I have seen the abuse you guys cop on the wards and I commend you for turning up each day to do your part for the people of our country. I hope you feel appreciated for the sacrifice you make and what you put in every day. Hats off to you.

This is my first deployment and was previously unaware of the laundry bag concept. I was pretty excited when asked if I would like one and getting to rifle through to find one I liked. I spotted the monster trucks immediately and was hoping as I picked it up it would have some Aussie flags on it. Pretty chuffed to find it did. I was sold. It now has pride of place hanging on the chair in my tent. As prescribed colour in my tent and ease of location in the multitudes of machines. Thank you. I love it.

Thankyou again. I appreciate the bag and your service to our country. Your efforts will be remembered for years to come on both accounts.


Hi Debbie,

What a fantastic surprise I got when the mail arrived, it certainly put a huge smile on my face be assured of that.  Your quilt far surpassed any expectations when opening your “wonderful gift” with all the other little goodies inside. Your so talented, it is a work of art and as with all of us that receive these fantastic quilts and laundry bags we show them off and brag how good ours are when we open them.  Everyone stops work and gathers around to see what great handy work has arrived…. photos and posing with it.  The quilt takes great pride on my bed and certainly gives some colour to my little room “finally”  3+ months left over here on this deployment so plenty of time to enjoy the quilt then it will take a majestic place at home in Melbourne.  Sent photos home to show it off and they love it as much as I do. The colours you have used are brilliant and really looks amazing.  I have a photo of me holding the quilt but the file is so large I couldn’t attach it so will take another and send to you. Have attached a photo of me with my family just before I deployed. 

Regards and much love,

Dear Liz

I received the laundry bag today. 
Thankyou so much for this. It has made my week. 
 I am in XXXX with a couple months left of the tour. It has been a good trip but I am definitly looking forward to being home in Brisbane.
I seen some photos on facebook about the thankyou dinner. I hope it was a good night.
Once again, thankyou so much.

Dear Raelyne, 

Greetings from HMAS TOOWOOMBA.  I would like to express my appreciation regarding the beautiful laundry bag you made for me. The pirate ships is a fantastic theme. 
I am the ship’s doctor. I was on HMAS DARWIN — where I received the laundry bag — but then in the middle of the High Seas I transferred over to TOOWOOMBA (along with my laundry safely stored in your bag!) 
My medics and I have had a busy time dealing with all sorts of problems- from all types of  infections to cuts and scrapes, including broken bones. 
We have just returned to TOOWOOMBA’s home port of Perth. We have been away for a few months and seen a number of overseas ports… however nothing is as good as returning home to Australia. 
Thank you again 

Good afternoon Sandra,

I have just received your quilt.

I have to be honest with you and let you know I was a little overwhelmed and emotional receiving your quilt.

The two things I was looking forward to most was receiving my quilt and medal whilst on deployment and both have exceeded my expectations.

For one of your first quilts this quilt is amazing you have added everything I asked for and more.

I don’t know how to thank you for this quilt but please know myself and everyone over here loves receiving these quilts and it really does put a spring in our step.

I loved reading your letter and I wish your son all the best for his military career.

I have only been in the army for 3 years so I feel pretty lucky to be over here. It has been a great experience.

Again thank you so much for my quilt I and all of us over here really appreciate it.

Hi Carmel!

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for the quilt that arrived in the mail!

It arrived last port over a month ago.  

I’m making the most use of the quilt as i can onboard as i have a feeling my 3yr old daughter will claim it when i get home

Thanks again for all your support. All the Petty Officers onboard had big grins when their own quilts arrived

Yours Aye


Dear Cathie,

        Thank you so much for my quilt, it is so much more than I could have hoped for. As for the Bombers theme, its fantastic. In all fairness I didn’t know much about AFL up until I met my fiance almost 4 years ago. Me growing up in Western Sydney, I was a Rugby League boy through and through.

        I cannot express the gratitude I have for the time spent on making these awesome quilts, myself and the others deployed will show them off when received. The morale around the squadron is picked up significantly when people receive their packages and letters of support.  Its great to know there are more people other than our families that support us while on deployment.

           Thanks again to you and your family for the love and support and your selflessness in taking the time to make these quilts for myself and my fellow Airmen, it is much appreciated and will never be forgotten.



Dear Pennie,

Thank you so much for the Star Wars laundry bag (with the bonus socks that fit perfect as well!) I love it. And after my deployment my 7 year old son will love it even more! We all love what you guys do for us over here and appreciate it so much. We now don’t see a heap of white pillow cases on the washing machines anymore, and you can know which washing machine is yours real easy now thanks to all your laundry bags. Bless you and all the lovely ladies who put in the time and effort to make our time over here that bit better.

I notice you are from down the south of Adelaide… I grew up in and around those parts! Just further towards XXXXX, I went to school at XXXXX High School. 

Anyway, thanks again Pennie not just for my laundry bag but for any others you may have done!


Good morning Clarissa,

I hope this message finds you well. I just opened up my new quilt/washing bag. 
I just want to thank you so much for the effort and work you put in, and for all you do to help put smiles on others faces. Especially mine when I saw what you did for me. 
I especially loved seeing the roses inside when I opened the laundry bag and I’m sure it’ll make my mum smile too 😊 
I’m not entirely sure what my fascination is with Bisons but I just think they are a strong and beautiful animal and think it looks absolutely amazing together with it all! 

I just want to thank you again and hope your family continues to provide you with many many eggs!! 



Hello again, as promised I am writing back to you again, this time I have two photos attached. These photos have now been cleared and can also be passed on to the Port Adelaide Football Club. To be honest I am still in disbelief that you went to all that trouble for me; to get the quilt signed. As you said in your letter, I am the luckiest quilt recipient in HMAS Newcastle. Quite a number of the crew have received a quilt. Let me assure you though, even though the ladies who did the other quilts did an amazing job, this quilt was a stand out and will become a treasured possession. I have been a Power Gold Member pretty much the majority of the time since the Team entered the AFL . 

As I received your quilt, the football season was winding up for 2017. I thought Port finished the season probably about right for what I know of the season. Our information on sport was a bit hit and miss and we didn’t get all of the information. We were lucky on occasions to get the games televised on OSN which is a pay TV network over this way, unfortunately not all were Port games. Due to the time zone difference it was strange watching live football at 0630 in the morning, as we were having breakfast! I hope that Port, after their excellent trade period and a good summer of training, can go further next year and even challenge for the Premiership. I know we say that every year, but here’s hoping it comes to fruition in 2018, I’m quietly confident.

I am thrilled that you got the privilege to be a guest speaker at the Gawler RSL and talk about Aussie Quilts, I would love you to add something about what they do to anything you decide to send to the Footy Club. Every person involved in the organisation deserves all the praise in the world for their efforts, especially you as you have gone way above what anyone would’ve expected.

 I have enjoyed every minute of my time with the Navy, and I have got to do a lot of things people will only dream about. The Navy is a lot like a Football club with regards to people. You meet all sorts of people through your time in the Navy and you never actually forget them. On board the ship we class ourselves as Family Newcastle, a lot like Port Adelaide itself being the family club.  During my career I have been fortunate enough to be involved in many operational deployments, this is my second operation to the Middle East, my first was on HMAS Melbournequite a few years ago. I have also done several tours of East Timor, and too many Border Protection deployments to count. I have served on a range of different vessels from Landing Craft to Hydrographic ships to Patrol Boats to Guided Missile Frigates (FFG) such as Newcastle. Each class of vessel is special, and the time you serve in them is always memorable. It is always the crew that makes the posting; it is going to be very hard to  replicate the comradery that I am currently experiencing in Newcastle.  

As you are aware we are currently deployed to the MER where we are conducting counter piracy, counter narcotics and counter terrorism patrols with coalition forces as part of Operation Manitou. This is the 65th rotation to the area.

As we come to the final stages of the ship’s six month deployment, it has been memorable.

We have already visited several different countries.  I have enjoyed learning about how people in those countries live. It has been great to experience their different traditions and cultures. It really makes you realise just how lucky we are back home in Australia,. 


Good morning Bev,

I hope this message finds you well! 
I just received my quilt/laundry bag and I just wanted to thank you for the effort and time you put in to help put smiles on others faces. Especially mine when I opened up the package and saw how amazing it all turned out. I absolutely love it and I know my mum will love the touch of rose on there! 
I’m glad to hear you have had the opportunity to travel and explore our beautiful country! I hope I am lucky enough to do the same!
Thank you again for all you do and for the work and effort you put in. I’ve personally seen others with their blankets and quilts and it really is uplifting!

 And this one was shared on Facebook but this is for the non-Facebookers.

I just want to say a a very special thank you to Deni from Aussie Hero Quilts wo made me this incredible quilt for my bed whilst away from home on deployment. You have made my room more comfortable and brightened my day 😁 I can see you have placed so much of your time and personal meaning into making this gorgeous quilt. Also my Laundry bag matches my quilt 👍 and will be extremely useful. You are all amazing people… thank you once again.

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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