Grati-Tuesday – 28th November 2023

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28 November 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

We have some heartfelt letters for you on this last week of November!!!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!

Dear Philomena H,


I cannot really put into words what I felt and experienced last Saturday when you presented me with your magnificent and superbly made quilt. It was such a surprise to be called onto stage at the Aussie Hero Quilts Volunteers Thank You Dinner and to have you personally reveal your amazing work to me. It was overwhelming.


I did not expect to receive the honour of being presented an Aussie Hero Quilt, however, to be recognised for my contribution to Aussie Hero Quilts and my service was appreciated. I would believe that my feelings would be like all other members of Defence who have received such a special gift…it is truly an amazing feeling of joy and humility. I believe that most members of Defence do our work not for recognition but because we love our country. Nonetheless, when we are recognised by receiving a quilt or laundry bag, it is an emotional time as we then know that our work is greatly appreciated by others, such as yourself.


Your commitment to making your quilts and laundry bags is what needs to be recognised. It was wonderful to see that the support from all levels of Defence were present at the Thank You Dinner to support you and the other volunteers for the tireless work that you do. Your contribution in helping increase the morale and well being of so many members is truly valued by all within the Defence community.


Your quilt has taken pride and place on my bed now. Your amazing work will forever be beloved by me. I am so grateful to you and all the other volunteers of Aussie Hero Quilts. You are amazing.


Thank you for making me feel so honoured and appreciated.


Please take care and keep up your fantastic work in making the work of Defence personnel respected.


Best wishes,


Good Morning Jan-Maree,


I want to thank you and all your ladies for making me such a lovely quilt, which I will treasure always. 


Thank you again and God Bless you.



Good Morning Jacqui D,


I recently received the beautiful quilt you made for me. I have always wanted a quilt from Aussie Quilt Heroes so I was delighted and extremely grateful to receive one at my farewell lunch. 

Thank you!

I enjoyed reading about you and your family; eight years of making quilts is very generous of you. My mother-in-law is a quilter; I love seeing all of the wonderful creations she comes up with.


I was living in Canberra with my daughter when COVID hit. My husband, who is in the Navy was posted up in Sydney so it was a bit tough to begin with. My daughter and I eventually moved up to Sydney where we were all reunited which made living through COVID easier. We are now located up in further north. This is where I am from, I left when I was 19 and returned 20 years later. It’s nice to be back around our extended family again. We are building a house and our daughter starts school next year, so this is where we will stay.


I completed the Kokoda Trek in 2018. I had always wanted to do it and when the opportunity came up, I jumped at it. It was such a fantastic experience.


Thank you again for the beautiful quilt and for taking the time to write the letter. 


Hi Jan-Maree, 


I have received my quilt and I absolutely love it. 🙂 

Thank you!!!

Good morning 😊


Attached is a photo of a recent presentation of your beautiful quilt. The recipient was truly grateful.


Thank you again to you and your team for the fantastic work that you all do.


Kind Regards

Bobbie S and her Mystery BOMers quilted by Cath M Emb by Joan


Hi Ellen N,

Thank you!!!

I so appreciate this kind gesture and the many hours of hard work you dedicate, not just for me but for other members like me.


I will treasure this tor many years (and  deployments) to come

Thank you again for your support, it makes a real difference for me and my colleagues!!

Hi Bobbie S (and the Mystery BOMers), 

I wish to acknowledge to you that I am the recipient of your beautifully made quilt. The quilt was presented to me at a coffee session that I join a few times each week with fellow veterans. 

It has been quite a surprise for me as the events that lead to this award occurred 51 years ago but I am very grateful for the recognition. I was 23 years old when the terrible event happened in Papua New Guinea in 1972. I discharged from the RAAF just 3 months later to take up employment private employment. 

I am still married to the same lovely girl for 54 years. My daughters are aged 52 and 48, now living in Broome in the north west and my son who lives about 15 minutes from us.

I just wanted to say that your handiwork is quite exceptional and was
greatly admired by all of those in attendance at the presentation and all those since. It takes pride of place on display in my bedroom and can be easily taken down (velcro attached) for others to see and admire.
Thank you

Good afternoon Bridget R,
I just received my quilt made lovingly by you! Thank you so so much for effort you put into it, I absolutely love it! 
I appreciate you telling me about yourself and your family so I thought I would say a little about myself. 
I am 24 years old and have been serving in the Navy for 3.5 years. I am originally from Manchester, United Kingdom (hence the love for the football club). I moved to Adelaide when I was 14 and lived with my mum, stepdad and spoodle Fudge.
Currently I’m serving on HMAS Sydney and love my job to pieces. I also didn’t know what I wanted to do until I took the leap to join up…changed my life for the best.
Thank you again!

To Bobbie S and your team (Mystery BOMers),
I would like to especially Thank You and your fantastic team of talented Quilters for making my Quilt.
It was a complete surprise to me, even though I don’t feel worthy of such an honour. I will treasure my quilt.
Thank you to your team you mentioned in the letter – as you are the co-ordinator of the Mystery BOMers, Alison and Joan, as well as The Garage Girls. This talent has not gone unrecognised by me.
My sincere thanks does not seem adequate – but I say Thank You to everyone one of your talented team.
Kind Regards,

Dear Mrs Hilary T, 
I am writing this email to thank you tremendously for the laundry bag you have made. My partner is in the Army and is leaving for a deployment tomorrow. He brought home the bag today and it is absolutely beautiful. The letter you have written was so heartfelt and greatly appreciated. 
Thank you yet again for your time, we really appreciate that. 
Kind regards, 

Hi Jan-Maree


I would like thank you most sincerely for the Quilt that was made in honor of our son.


It was a very proud moment as a mother & father to have this special Quilt delivered to us to have a very special memory of our Son, brother, nephew and uncle to hold dear to our hearts always.


I respect the hours of work that was put into making this quilt and as a very proud mother,  I am very much appreciated of the efforts to both yourself and your group.


Please pass on behalf of my family our gratitude and thanks.



Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!

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