Grati-Tuesday 22nd November 2022

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22 November 2022


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic week.  
Wow only a few days off being a month till Christmas. Where has the year gone. It has flashed by ‘in the blink of an eye’.
As usual we have some beautiful thank you’s which have come from far and wide and a moving presentation to the daughter of a recently passed veteran. 
So grab your tissues, a nice strong cuppa then sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Good morning Heather B!


Firstly thank you very much for my amazing quilt it’s sitting on my bed right now, really brightens up my room and

encompasses so many of my passions, thank you again!


That is a great story of how you sew for Aussie Heroes and got into quilts!


Certainly sounds like you’ve had your fair share of people in uniform in your circle of friends and family, it’s a great calling and service to the country.


That is quite the story and history your uncle has, funnily enough my mothers’ parents actually met in a Japanese POW Camp if you can believe that!


Best of luck with the swimming, sounds like you’ve got quite the km up and by the time you get this I’m sure the Masters’ Games will have come and past, best of luck with that. Hope you guys smashed it!   The sailing is great and a few of the organisations which support the unit

have connections with sailing and we’ve been out on a couple boats which has been awesome, such a great experience and opportunity!


I hope you are staying Covid free and enjoying the time ticking over the km in the pool and Bentley is keeping you both entertained and out of too much mischief!!


Once again, thank you very much for the quilt, it is perfect and will accompany me wherever in the world I may be sent/go!


Thank you

Good morning Bridget R!


Firstly thank you very much for my amazing laundry it’s sitting on my bed right now slowly filling up, really brightens up my room and encompasses so many of my passions, thank you again!


It is great, and I can personally say that whilst I was deployed I was very envious of the other blokes who had their own quilt and/or laundry bag, and now I have my own, and my bag is the best one, (definitely not bias at all).


Certainly sounds like you’ve had your fair share of people in uniform in your circle of friends and nursing is such an honourable profession who never receive the credit they are due!   So thank you very much for your service and work for the community.


All the best Bridget I hope you and your family are staying safe from Covid and enjoying the warmer (and hopefully drier) weather.


Thank you again,

Hi Jan-Maree,

I have attached some photos of the quilt presented at the Queanbeyan RSL sub branch to the daughter of the intended recipient who has sadly passed before we could present it to him.  

It was presented in-front of his mates.

Many thanks to you and all at AHQ.
His daughter was very moved and plans to have 
his quilt draped over his casket for the funeral.



Quilt made by Bobbie S and Mystery BOMers with embroidery by Keryn M.


Dear Toni F,


Thank you so much for your lovely laundry bag, it is exactly what I had in mind when I sent the request thru. I have been using it everyday out here in the UAE. It is about 41 degrees here today which is a nice change from the high 40 degrees days we have

been experiencing over summer.


I also left school to become a graphic designer but I did not much enjoy the coding that accompanied the core course. In the end I finished a degree in Arts and joined the Army to become an Intelligence officer.


Thank you for your amazing service to the Nursing home. My partner is a nurse and began a long placement in an Aged Care Facility. She always talked about how difficult it was I am glad you have been afforded the chance to retire and to spend a bit more time on your hobbies. You are doing such a fantastic job with these bags – thank you so much for mine !!


My partner and I have just moved to QLD and I will be sure to keep using my bag when I finally get home in November. 

Hi Ruth S,


I received a lovely surprise recently when I received your amazing laundry bag. It is brilliant, and really made my day. They are such a good idea – being of immediate practical use and looking so good.


The team have been delighted with the support we have received from people like you; although the mail system can be laborious into the heart of Africa at times, particularly after everything pretty much shut down during the pandemic, it has been so good to get these packages!


I have been here for about five months with just over 3 months to go. I got back to Australia in September for a couple of weeks. It was wet and cold. And my plans to meet with family in Uganda over XMAS have been scuppered by an Ebola outbreak there.


I have really enjoyed the work here – it is busy, but working with so many professional military officers from around the globe has been brilliant. In fact, there are 15 Australians in the team but from a United Nations perspective, there are 30 in the team from 23 countries. We do get out a fair bit and it is good to see the country although it can be heartbreaking….they are definitely doing it tough here.


Anyway, I had better get some dinner on. The football world cup has started which will be a welcome distraction.


Thank you again for your thoughts and a fantastic laundry bag!

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  


Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!


🌟 🌟 🌟



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