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21 February 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you have had an awesome week so far.
Got to work on a few of my AHQ requests on the weekend. Don’t you just hate that you miss-out by the teeniest bit on being able to use a piece of material.  Mind you if I had of made my squares smaller I would have made it!  Contemplated cutting them  down but its licenced material so really didn’t want to waste that.  Would have rushed to Spotlight but didn’t have a car! LOL
Grab a nice cool beverage or cuppa, some chokiessit back, relax and savour these beautiful messages! 

Dear Pennie T and Jan-Maree B,


Last week I was surprised on a visit to Joint Health Command with the presentation of a quilt and laundry bag from Aussie Hero Quilts and created by Pennie T. As you can see from the photo, it was presented in front of a small gathering of colleagues by Chaplain W and the current Surgeon General. 


I had no idea that I was going to have such an honour bestowed upon me and was rendered quite speechless. I could not imagine a more perfect representation of my career, not only including medicine, space and the RAAF but also two of my other loves, Xena and the Crows. My partner was also thrilled to see the American square as she is originally from the States. In fact, she said that this was by far the best presento I had ever received, and the only one she would let me hang in the house. I am still not completely decided if I will do so or if I will hang it in my work office as a Zoom backdrop. (I would put it on my bed but we have cats and you know what they can get up to).


I was also thrilled to learn that it was quilted by a South Australian and someone who, like me, once worked at FMC. That made it even more special.


Thanks once again for this amazing gift and keep up the great work of touching the lives of Defence personnel and veterans.





L-R Chaplain W, Surgeon General and Recipient.

The recipient also shared the photo and below story on her LinkedIn profile
Today I was honoured, humbled and completely surprised by being presented with my own personalise quilt from Aussie Hero Quilts. It is amazing and an absolutely perfect summation of my career, with representations of everything from medicine to the Air Force, from the UN to COVID-19, and from Xena to the Crows, all topped off by a rainbow edging. Thanks to the amazing quilter, Pennie T, Aussie Hero Quilts, Mark W who suggest me for the honour, Sarah and her team for creating the surprise opportunity, and everyone who came along.
Dear Wayne T,
I received the Quilt in the post yesterday afternoon, and what a
surprise. I have previously seen the work from your Quilters before,  and have always been impressed, but I have to say I was blown away with my quilt. When I read the letters from the Quilter – Pennie T, and also Jan-Maree B it gave me goosebumps and bought a tear to my eye.

Thankyou both for the heart felt messages.

To Pennie T– thank you very much for your efforts, you have included everything I suggested. I had no idea how you would tie all this together, but it is a real work of art relating to my service and of course Barra Fishing and Sunsets. The quilt is something that I will treasure and be proud of, and once my children see it, I have no doubt it will become a family heirloom, particularly for my son who is currently serving in the Australian Regular Army.  You mentioned in your letter that you are unsure if you can catch Barra at sunset, don’t worry you can catch them any time of day (in the right location, right bait, and conditions are right). Thank you for your service to the Nation as well, being an Emergency & Intensive Care Nurse for 40 years is a fantastic effort. I am sure many individuals and families are in debt to you and your colleagues in their time of need. The quilt will take on extra significance for my brothers & sisters as well, as my Father fought in WWII, and my Grandfather in WWI at Gallipoli.

Thankyou Jan-Maree for founding Aussie Hero Quilts, these quilts have bought joy to deployed personnel, and a taste of Oz when they are away from their families, while they serve our great nation. Thank you also, for your Military Service.

Thank you to you all, for the great service you provide.

Regards & Best Wishes

Good Morning Heather G, Ellen M and Sylvia B,


I would like to say a big thank you for the efforts of you all in making my beautiful quilt. It brightens up my cabin and brings a smile to my face every morning.


I do love your part of the world (I was recruited out of Brunswick West almost 20 years ago) and I hope the worst of the flood season is over for you. If we are ever visiting Melbourne (our home port is in WA) I’ll be sure to get in touch and organise a tour of the boat.


HMAS Rankin is one of six Collins Class submarines and a beautiful bit of engineering. The crew is amazing as all onboard are volunteers and have worked many long hours to qualify as submariners. We spend about 8 months of the year at sea on average and it’s really nice to have a quilt that’s a little bit of a reminder of home. As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of personal space on a submarine – so the quilts are a favoured option for making a bit of an individual area to relax and unwind.


Thank you again and I hope I can thank you in person one day.


Warmest Regards,




Hello Heather G, Ellen M, and Sylvia B,
 I am a recipient of one of your lovely quilts for Aussie Hero’s.
I have been in the Navy since February 2020 and I’m currently serving on HMAS Hobart which is my first ship, so this is also my first quilt from the program.
I am writing to let you know I have received your very wholesome letter as well as the quilt which you made for me with whales on it and my favourite colours. It’s even better than I thought it would be and I can tell you had a good time while making it.
I am about to head off on another deployment very soon and I decided to make sure I wrote back to you all to thank you before I get too busy again.
I hope you keep having your sewing sessions since they sound really special.
Warmest regards,


Hello Heather G, Ellen M and Sylvia B,


I am really grateful for the quilt and marvel at the wonderful work you do.


I thought I’d give you a little bit of insight into what I’ve done in my 28 years in the Army.


I am a specialist officer and a Registered Nurse by trade. I’ve been privileged enough to deploy to East Timor on two occasions where I ran the intensive care unit at the deployed hospital.


I also deployed to Bougainville in PNG after the civil war and to provide disaster assistance after the Tsunami and earthquakes in Indonesia and the floods in Katherine and Townsville.


I know your part of the world relatively well as my father lives in Port Fairy and I agree there is a magnificent sense of community in the area.


Keep up the great work brightening up the days of service men and women,


Warmest Regards,


Good evening Jenni,
I received my Quilt this week and I loved it, thank you.
I appreciate the work it must have taken to make and the effort it must have taken to find all the Harley material.
Its a good size and and I can see me using it on the couch at home.
Have a great evening.


Dear Ellen N,


I have just had the absolute pleasure of receiving your stunning quilt from Aussie Hero quilts. I am so touched and honoured that you put so much thought and care into making something so unique for me. I find a new little detail every time sit under it (I love the Prince Charming frogs!) and it always makes me smile. It has been given pride of place in my living room and matches my home perfectly! I’ve attached a picture so you can see what I mean 😊


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to make this quilt. It means so much.


Thank you also for the photos from your beautiful garden. I live in an apartment at the moment so sadly have had to stick to indoor plants for now, and your photos were beautiful.


Thank you also for sharing about yourself. I am from Queensland originally and I recently did a road trip from Brisbane to Cooktown. It was so incredible, I can’t wait to do it again. It honestly sounds like you’re living my dream retirement! I think it’s wonderful that you’re making time to volunteer for such a worthwhile cause, that seems really close to your own heart.


I have little military history in my own family, however my partner’s parents both served in the Navy while he was growing up and I’ve gotten to understand the role that kids especially have in supporting our servicemen and women. I am currently working within Defence’s Taskforce supporting the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide as a lawyer. I am not a uniformed member but after spending time working with members from all three Services and seeing how incredible their teamwork, sacrifice and impact is, I have decided to join the Reserves this year. I haven’t picked a Service yet though!


My day-to-day usually consists of gathering and providing documents and information when the Royal Commission requests it; and preparing our Defence witnesses to give evidence in the public hearings. Last year I was actually able to assist the Chief of Defence Force in preparing his statement and evidence for the Royal Commission, which I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be doing! I think I accidentally stole a Diet Coke from his personal supply of them in the kitchen in his office so I may never be asked back…


Every day I read countless stories from servicemen and women whose mental health has suffered as a result of their service or otherwise, and whilst it is often confronting I feel honoured to be able to work on a Royal Commission into such an important topic. I hope that the Commission and my work on it is part of a solution that supports our veterans in the ways they need to be supported. One thing that has become clear to me is that organisations like Aussie Hero Quilts are a vital part of ensuring that veterans feel important, supported and connected. This is especially true where they don’t feel supported by the ADF or DVA itself. Your work is so important, and though I can’t imagine the joy and warmth it would bring to someone overseas on deployment, I can tell you for certain that looking up from whichever heartbreaking document I was reviewing to see our Head of Taskforce, holding my beautiful pink quilt nearly made me cry! I have attached a picture of us both holding the quilt shortly after I received it.


Thank you again 😊


Ellen N couldn’t have picked more perfect colours!

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!








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