Gleniffer Quilt and Craft Fair 2015. Great effort.

Written by AHQ

3 September 2015

I love it when people go out and spread the word about Aussie Heroes. If you are doing that at all please send me a picture of the event and a bit of a write up.  

Thanks muchly to these lovely ladies, Di G, Jean B, Jeannette G and Sandy for their efforts….

What a fabulous day for the Gleniffer Quilt and Craft Show last Saturday!   A few hundred people visited the fabulous setting  of the Gleniffer Hall situated close to the Never Never Creek and were delighted by the extensive range of quilts on display. There were over 150 quilts – small and large – which were closely inspected – but not judged. Many people relaxed under the trees, enjoying the sunshine and praised the efforts of the organisers of the Gleniffer Quilt and Craft Fair.
Our resident “bag lady”, Jean was the spokesperson for the Aussie Hero Quilts and spread the word about the fantastic work that is done by AHQ. Jean had a number of her legendary laundry bags to show, as well as a quilt, by Jeannette for a Dockers fan. Many AHQ flyers were taken and hopefully Jan-Maree may have some more Mid North Coast volunteers to call on.

Jean also had a copy of one of the Thank You emails that she has received – including one from a peacemaker in South Sudan. It reduced a number of people to tears by the heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of the receipt of the laundry bag / quilt.  The service men and women love it, the volunteers love creating pieces – a win / win for everyone!

Di G, Jean B, Jeannette G and Sandy spreading the word for Aussie Hero Quilts at Gleniffer Quilt and Craft Fair 2015.  Great effort.

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