Christmas Lunch in Ballan

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14 December 2016

Last Saturday a Mutiny occured!!!

Some of the Victorian Aussie Hero Friends, lead by Sue O’D, decided that they needed to run their own end of year function.  Sue had expected to get about 10-12 attendees but enthusiasm was much higher than she expected and in the end about 38 people attended including three recipients.

I flew in on the Friday and had enough time to catch up with Nicole W and Caroline L… two new quilters who have already completed one Aussie Hero Quilt each.  What a dynamic duo.  

We met up with Sue and the four of us enjoyed some yummy afternoon tea in the Mill Rose Cottage Cafe before moving on to check out Mill Rose Quilt Shop….. 

Sue, Nicole and Caroline acted as my enablers as I did a spot of shopping to increase the Aussie Heroes stash of fabrics. 

How awesome are some of these fabrics!! I wish my local store stocked some of these.  

They have a fabulous range, plains, batiks, fillers, novelties, Kaffe Fasset, you name it, they seemed to have it….. a veritable Alladin’s cave of fabrics!!!  If you are in the area, drop in…. but take your credit card and a spare bag… 

Sue had intended to have the function at her home but as the numbers grew she switched to the local community centre.  This whyte board lists the areas that all those who attended came from… far and wide…..

Sue had also gone to a lot of work and had arranged name tags for everyone as well as goodies bags!!  Great job Sue!

I tried to get pictures of everyone and hopefully all of them have their name tags on as it was such a whirlwind afternoon that I do not trust my memory. Here is Di R on the left then Dot, in the pink and white and then Heather D on the right. 

Lisa was deployed on HMAS Newcastle and proudly brought her quilt, made by Jo H (NSW)

and her laundry bag, made by Wendy F, to show us.

Scott returned from deployment to Al Minhad Air Base at the beginning of this year and also proudly showed off his quilt, by Jackie J and 

and his laundry bag by Joan.

Our final recipient was Jack who received his quilt from Su.  Jack came home last year if I am not mistaken and he and his wife had brought their caravan to a nearby town for the weekend.  His laundry bag was in use in the van for the weekend.

Ellen and Carolann are from the Chocolyn Laught-A-Lot ladies 

Sylvia, also from the Chocolyn Laugh-A-Lot ladies is here with Christine and Heather G 

Janis and Carol W 

Dot, Janeene, Di R and Heather D

Denise and Jan E

Jeff and Bev Coates and Robyn 

After a bit of a cuppa and a chat the formalities, as much as anything got formal, began.  

Sue welcomed everyone…   As you can see, my beautiful quilt that I was surprised with on my birthday was on display.  I gave an abbreviate version of my presentation from the Canberra dinner and the feedback afterwards from quilters and recipients made me realise that many people do not know the history of Aussie Heroes, and often do not know my history…. watch this space…. I might do something about that in the near future….

At the end of my presentation Sue surprised me with a basket of fat quarters and threads.  I think all the quilters who came along brought a fat quarter or two and a reel of thread for me.   Thank you everyone, that was such a thoughtful idea.   

I would love to know who made the cute little koala… he is lovely! 

Some of the fabric might not be evident as I had to give my in-laws a parcel to post back to me as I could not fit all the laundry bags and fabric I was given (and perhaps some of what I bought) in my suitcase but I had taken a 5kg satchel with me just in case…. much cheaper than paying for excess baggage.

How awesome is this banner made by Bev…..

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all had a great time.  I know a lot of the ladies are keen for  a repeat performance and to perhaps get together in the mean time.

Sue has received a number of lovely emails from many who attended including some of our recipients.  I think this is definitely one event that is likely to be repeated sometime in 2017.

Here is an example of what was written…

“I want to say thank you for the luncheon you organised yesterday for the AHQ Victorian folk. I really enjoyed meeting like minded people and felt very inspired by what I heard the group do and the warmth with which they are received from members of the ADF.
I look forward to meeting up with the others, maybe during the year, and if not at our 2017 lunch wherever that will be. It was an inspiring day and I thank you for the opportunity to attend. Best wishes for the Christmas season and happy quilting in 2017.”

“Hi Sue
Great gathering ,arrived home safely and ready to sew always inspired after hearing some of those stories .Thank you a great job.”

“Hi Sue,
Just to say a BIG BIG thank you for today.
I had a most enjoyable day, it was so lovely to meet you and all the other ladies.
Thank you too (and the kitchen bitch) for all your work behind the scenes in getting today organised.
I think it went down really well…food was superb (groan groan), venue was perfect, and the gifts were just surprising and amazing (thanks for mine).
Once again,
Huge thanks and hope to catch up with you all again,
Take care and happy sewing

Definitely a great mutiny!  LOL

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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    I wish I was there. When was that on. I didn't see it advertised.


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