Cherry Mondays with a Nautical Flavor.

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16 September 2013

G’day everyone!  

Before I forget – if you are coming along to the sewing day at my home on Wednesday this week please can you let me know I can be organised!  Email me if you need the details.

As I said last night I thought I would try something new and that would be putting the request list out on the blog once a week, especially when there are a lot of requests like now with all the names from HMAS Melbourne.  Unlike HMAS Toowoomba and HMAS Newcastle I have had to limit the number of quilts I have promised to deliver to Melbourne. 

The main reason I have done this is because Christmas is coming up and often quilters will occupy themselves with making quilts for family members and friends as gifts which means no so many of you are available to sew for us.  It is a constant challenge to keep the balance between the number of requests and the number of quilts available.  It is my goal that Aussie Heroes be a source of encouragement rather than disappointment and therefore I make a point of under-promising and over-delivering.    I hope I am doing that with HMAS Melbourne.  

I have asked the chaplain to pass on details from everyone who would like a quilt or a laundry bag but I have only promised to deliver 50 quilts.  I have all the requests and if we have the capacity I hope to be able to deliver to all of those who would like to receive but time will tell.

So what follows is the list of requests just from HMAS MELBOURNE.  If you see a request that interests you please copy out the entire line of information to make it easier for me.  All items on this list need to be in the mail no later than 6 December.  That gives us a couple of weeks up our sleeves if LIFE happens but please do not leave it to the last minute to start on your quilt.  If you are super fast you can post your quilt from NOW on and the sooner the quilts/laundry bags are in the mail the better.

If you want to put your hand up to make a quilt, and that request includes a laundry bag as well and you don’t want to make a laundry bag that is fine.  Just let me know.  Please remember that these are preferences, not orders.  Take the the third one there.  Elephants, birds and owls.  If you can make a quilt with elephants in it but not birds and owls that is just fine.  If you want more information regarding any of the requests I can email the recipient to ask for more details – it just may take a coupe of days for them to get back to me if they are busy.

Please note if someone has only requested a laundry bag and have given a theme I would really like them to get as close as possible to what they have asked for  – i.e. a red and white laundry bag for the Swans fan please.  

Finally the lines in RED are for GIRLS.  I could have put them in pink but it would not have been easy to read.

Okay, please let me know if you see any requests you are interested in- email is the best method to get me please.

HMAS Melbourne Requests.

1             Q            Chess Midnight blue, dk purple
2             LB          Sydney Swans
4             Q+LB     Elephants, birds, owls – pink
5             Q            Knights, castles, dragons
6             Q            Waterfalls, the beach, nature – sky blue and yellow
7             Q+LB     Golf, squash, gym, beach – blue
8             Q            Shoes and handbags – pink purple
10           Q            Cricket, NRL Club Broncos – pink
11           Q            Animals green
12           Q+LB     AFL Club  Hawthorn – gold and brown
13           Q            Music – Rock Theme – red and black
14           Q            Greyhounds, Racehorses – blue
17           LB           Navy Theme – green
18           Q            NBA Basketball – celtic green
19           Q            HMAS Melbourne  theme
21           Q            Bright beach colors  Water, shells, swimming
22           LB+Q     Rugby League red and white
23           LB          Gym, Guitar
24           LB+Q     Dirt bikes, 4WD, spearfishing, anchors, skulls dk green
25           Q            AFL Tigers black and yellow
26           Q            Navy Theme navy blue
27           Q            AFL Club Collingwood, Navy – black and white
28           LB+Q     Swimming – blue
29           LB+Q     Whales and Pelicans – blue green white
30           LB+Q     Drag Cars, Road Bikes- royal blue
31           LB+Q     Anchors, tall ships, battle ships – blue and white
32           Q            National Hockey League (team – the Capitals) red and white
34           Q            Motor Cycle Racing (Isle of Man, Moto GP, World – Superbikes) – blue
35           Q            NRL Team Nth Qld Cowboys – blue
36           Q            Navy or Commercial Aircraft – green
37           Q            AFL Team St Kilda and a frangipani – red, black and white
38           Q            NRL Team St George red and white
39           Q            Beach and surfing – purple and dk blue
40           Q+LB     Bodyboarding – black
43           Q            NRL Team Newcastle Knights
44           Q            Shopping, volleyball, reading- purple yellow and orange
46           Q            Exotic Sports Cars blue
49           Q+LB     Swimming and Rugby – blue
50           Q            Motor Bike Riding – purple

51           Q            Scienc fiction, fantasy books, Battlefield Game, Warrhammer 40,000 –                                 blue and green

Mystery Quilts.

I have kept a few requests aside that I think would be fun to make as Mystery Quilts. Here are the first two. 

We are going to make two little girls’ quilts as requested by their deployed parents.  Both little girls are around 4-5 years old.  We are going to use the September Block of the Month -the easy 4 Patch.  The printabe tutorial can be found here

Quilt Number 1  Edited Version

This little girl loves “My Pretty Pony”. 
Disregard My Little Pony – it has proven too difficult to find that fabric so I have been corresponding with Dad and we have changed direction to princesses, fairies and mermaids!  Gorgeous!  As the mother of boys, I say bring on the pink and let the fun begin!
The preferred colours for this quilt are pink and white.  Please no dark pinks  – medium to light tones and let’s pretty much stick to pink and white, small additions of other colours but nothing very strong please.

Quilt Number 2

This little girl likes pink and purple.  No dark colours please.  Lets keep it all soft or medium tones please.  There is no theme for this quilt so you can have some pretty little girly fun with it!

Please email me or facebook me and let me know how many blocks you would like to make.  I need a maximum of 32 four patches for each quilt please.

Picture time!

How about we finish off with some of the nautical themed quilts that have been sent off in the past.  

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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