Brunch at Poppies on Sunday morning

Written by AHQ

13 November 2022

Hi Folks, 

Thanks to those who responded to my request for a report on the brunch at Poppy’s.  If anyone else would like to take the time to share their experience with those that could not make it to Canberra for the weekend I know it would be much appreciated. 

For now, huge thanks to Anne H, Jacqui D and Cath Hpr.  

From Anne H 

Meeting the Federation Guard after Brunch at Poppy’s was one of the highlights of the weekend.  We rarely if ever get the chance to see presentations of quilts and LBs, or meet recipients, so this was a wonderful opportunity to see presentations in action and to see the joy it brought both the quilters and recipients.

We came out of Poppy’s after our brunch, to see a group of young people smartly dressed in uniform waiting for us.  I suspect they weren’t quite sure what was going to happen. The quilters had been told about the presentation, and had their gifts ready (the quilts had been displayed at the dinner the night before). 

Each recipient  was called up and presented with their quilt or LB by the quilter.  Everyone wanted to see the quilts/LBs as they were unfolded, so many recipients only saw the back of their quilts at first, as they held them up for display to the watching, appreciative crowd.  It was also great that Greg took lots of photos for our memories.

A couple of sweet moments were:

– Cath’s recipient came up with his 4 year old son to receive his Spider-Man quilt.  She had also made a surprise Spider-Man LB. As they were standing there posing for photos, the recipient’s 2 year old son also ran up and hugged the LB.

– Toni had previously made a LB for a recipient, who brought it along to display.  Toni was caught by surprise when she was called up to meet her recipient, there might have been a few tears shed when they met and hugged.


 – For me, I was so pleased that my lovely soon-to-be recipient was there for the presentation.  I had only been allocated the request a few weeks before, so it was still in the making stage, but I found her and introduced myself.  We had a good chat about her request, and I possibly spoiled her surprise by showing her photos of the blocks laid out, but I wanted her opinion about the colours.  She said in hindsight she wished she had asked for a RAAF crest. What a pity she missed out, but no, we can work marvels, within two days a crest was winging its way to me from AHQ and with a bit of reverse sewing, has been pieced into her quilt.  



From Jacqui D 

I had no idea that we would have members of the Federation Guard at Poppy’s! 

I did receive a message from my recipient earlier in the week to ask if I’d be there as he wanted to thank me personally? So I actually expected that it would be just him there?

I was so thrilled to see how many were there to thank us all. What an amazing surprise. 

It was heartwarming to see so many being presented with their quilts and to see so many bringing their quilts already received to show us and thank personally their quilters.

They were certainly hanging on tight to their  quilts!

I actually got a bit emotional, ok quite a bit, as I watched them smiling laughing and showing their gratitude.

My recipient was genuinely so happy with his quilt and I got lots of hugs during the proceedings and afterwards. He got to meet Andrew and let him know how much his quilt means to him and how  clever his mum is lol. 


They were all so proud of their quilts, regardless of colours designs etc.

You certainly know how to keep a secret JM! It was a fantastic, emotional finale to special weekend. 

Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate for the beautiful memories made. I’ll treasure it forever. Thank you!

Cheers Jacqui 

From Cath Hpr 

What a unique experience to see so many recipients in one place, and all so young. There were men and women from the three services. There were at least 20 or more.

So, our name was called out and the recipient and maker/designer went up to the steps outside Poppy’s Café where we presented them with their quilt request.

Some people took liberties at this time. As I was at the back and trying to eat my breakfast our fearless leader started singing “Why are we waiting” as I was making my way to the front. Then others joined in and started a slow clap. What a cheek!

Upon presentation of the quilt to our recipient we had a foto shoot with Greg taking fotos and the recipient turned around to show all the quilters behind what each person had made.

My person asked for a Spiderman quilt and his eldest son who was 4 years old came up with Dad to receive it and have his foto taken as well. As I had made him a bonus Spiderman laundry bag that was in included in the bag with the quilt I got him (son) to pull it out and see what it was. He held the laundry bag up to show everyone. Then from the crowd came running out younger brother who is 2 years old and he just hugged the bag when he saw it.

My recipient explained that the boys love Spiderman and that the quilt was for them, but they had to share.

I met his wife and had a chance to chat with them and find out more about the Federation Guard and how you get into it and what they did.

Did you know that 30 of our Australian Federation Guards took part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and that 4 of them took part in the Queen’s funeral. Special times and memories for these people who represented Australia in these historical events.

To see all the wonderful, marvellous creations (no not Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolate) but clever, creative, talented people who had made outstanding unique special gifts to surprise and bless our service people was a truly wonderful experience. 


We were treated to some wonderful cookies made by one of the talented Federation Guard Team, Chantelle! How spoilt were we!




Just a few of the fabulous photos from the Brunch at Poppy’s.  If you would like to see them all or want a copy for yourself you can download them from our Website. 


I hope to put more of them up on the blog in the next week or so, I just need the time to download the pics. 

Till then, keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree xx

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