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12 November 2022


As well as a fabulous opportunity for our volunteers to get together and to meet recipients, we also do a little fund raising at the dinner during our celebratory weekend. 
We have a raffle and this year we had four prizes. 
First prize was a beautiful quilt made by Philomena. It was won by Deni G.

The second prize was this gorgeous quilt made by Jacqui D.  It was won by a very happy Navy recipient.


Third prize was this snuggly crocheted blanket made by Joy H.  The photo really does not do it justice.  It was delivered to Tracey who won it and I am told that she immediately cozied up in front of the TV with it.


Finally, the fourth prize was this super cute bear handmade by Janis K.  It went to a very happy home with Diana, the wife of one of our VIP guests.

We also had a lucky door prize for those who paid full price ($120) for their ticket. They were lucky enough to have a chance of winning their wonderful quilt made by Philomena.
The lucky winner was Liz, the mother of one of our recipients. Many of you might not remember but in 2015 we created a Centenary of ANZAC Quilt. One of the components of that quilt was a beautiful piece of petit point. Her contribution was to represent the support we had received from the family members of recipients. It is rather lovely that Liz has now won this lovely quilt. 
We also had both a Live and Silent Auction. 
The Live Auction included the following items. 
A framed, signed Wallabies laundry bag made by Melissa L with thanks to Clarissa for arranging the collection of the signatures.
The right to commission an Aussie Hero Quilt. I am looking forward to hearing what we will be making in response to this commission this year. 
A WWI themed oil painting by veteran Artist Dr Len Smith
So lovely to be able to connect the artist with the winner. 
A beautiful Poppy Quilt created by Kate E which was won by one of our Board Members and his lovely partner. Actually she did the bidding and who could blame her with this gorgeous quilt!  I am told that there might be a touch of redecoration happening so that it can hang in pride of place. 
A $1200 voucher to Roger Bartholomew Menswear donated by Sayers Pty Ltd
A Navy Officers Sword and Scabbard donated by the Navy’s Anchorage
won by…. a Navy Officer’s wife for her husband. 🙂
And finally, a signature quilt with 20 signatures of notable Australians, made by Cathie J. 
And then we had our Silent Auction Items… 
A jar of my homemade ANZAC biscuits… I am pleased to say that this went for a good price to a long term fan.  🙂
Raeleen again made her trademark camo bears in two sizes… always beary popular.  


We had some great books donated also, most of them written by Veterans. 








And this amazing book which you really need to see to appreciate, or google it. We received a limited edition version signed by the author George Petrou.  I could have sat and enjoyed it for hours, if I had had the time.


Two bottles of gin, both distilled by navy veterans and very popular. 



Toni donated two children’s kitchen sets



Inge made five amazing cushions featuring the service crests, including the tri-service crest and a lovely poppy cushion. Of course these were very popular. 





A friend of Toni’s donated this lovely diffuser. 



One of our lovely recipients created this beautiful cross stitch piece especially for us. 




And two more fabulous cross stitches created by Liz, the mother of one of our recipients…



Noelene W made three lovely ANZAC themed laundry bags, one each  Navy, Army and Air Force


Wendy made a beautiful Aussie themed laundry bag


And Pennie made a gorgeous ANZAC Themed bag. 


We Happy Few wines, a veteran business, donated a mixed dozen of wines



Dr Len Smith donated a second painting of poppies


Melissa, who organised all the Goodie Bags for Friday night, donated 6 pairs of lovely poppy ear-rings
What a great photo of some happy winners… 
Ian Coates, the amazing veteran artist, donated two of his lovely prints.

Friday night’s guest speaker, Michael Armstrong, donated two pieces of artwork.


This is the third year that Jacqueline Hurley from the UK has been kind enough to send us a print from her War Poppies collection. 



Lynn created this beautiful Aussie themed quilt which was quilted by Philomena.


And Bernina donated this awesome collectors set of scissors and rotary cutters by Tula Pink and yes, it went to one of our volunteers…


The girls from Prestige Medals donated a voucher to have some medals mounted by them.


This beautiful water colour was created by Sue, proud wife of a Vietnam veteran.

What a great bunch of auction items… Huge thanks to all the wonderful people who donated to help us raise some funds to keep going for another year. 

Til next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree xx





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