Aussie Hero Thank You Dinner – Ticket Sales Now Open……

Written by AHQ

6 August 2017

Ticket sales are now open for our 

Annual Thank You Dinner.  

All payments must be received by Friday 15th September 

The Friday night event will cost $15. The dinner will cost $50 The cost of the breakfast will be pay as you order.   

We have discovered, during the process of accepting money for the button badges and name badges that we cannot track money that is paid into our bank account unless it is done electronically.   If you go to the bank and deposit the money at time we cannot track who made the deposit as the bank does not always pass through the identifying information. We may have no way of knowing it was Joan Smith who paid that $50 and not Bev Smith.  

To simplify the process and to help us track your payments there are only two ways you can pay for the dinner. 

Option 1.  Make an electronic transfer to the Aussie Hero Quilts’ Bank Account and quote your surname first and if there is room add “Dinner”.  Please then email BOTH Joy (jo************@gm***.com) and myself (fr**********@gm***.com) with the receipt for the deposit.

Please email JOY for the bank details….

Option 2.  Post a personal cheque, bank cheque or money order (available from the Post Office) to Aussie Hero Quilts, PO Box 248, Cherrybrook, NSW 2126 and email Joy advising her you have posted it (let her know it was a Bank Cheque etc) 

By far, the best option is Option 1. If you do not do electronic banking yourself then perhaps you have relative or a friend who will help you. As long as they reference your name and “Dinner” we will know the payment came from you.

You won’t receive a physical ticket.  Your names will be ticked off on the night. 

Till next time……. keep spreading the word and Book those tickets. 

Jan-Maree xxx

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