Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Thank You Dinner…. TICKETS ON SALE NOW……

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5 August 2018

At last …. the Tickets are on Sale for the Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Dinner Weekend.

Greetings all.  

As it says above, the tickets are now on sale for our Annual Dinner Weekend.   Whilst most of the events are free you will still be asked to “book a place” for each event so that I know who is coming and can keep track of the numbers. 

Friday 2nd November

ADFA and RMC Tours. 

The weekend’s activities will commence with tours of the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and the Royal Military College Duntroon.   These will be run concurrently so you need to book for one or the other. 

There is no charge but you are asked to bring along a laundry bag as a “thank you for having us gift” to be distributed at the venue’s discretion. 

The ADFA bags should be tri service or military in nature (ie not specific to one service) or Australian.  

The bags for RMC can be army themed (I can send you a Rising Sun if you like but please send me a sturdy stamped self addressed envelope measuring no less than 9 x 6″ with $2 postage on it) or Aussie in theme.  

The Quilter’s Gathering 
On Friday the 2nd of November at the Sergeants Mess at the Royal Military College at Duntroon we will be having a Quilters Gathering featuring a number of guest speakers, including one professional quilter… no names yet.. its a surprise.

This event is for quilters but partners are also welcome if they wish to attend. 

Saturday 3rd November 

Newbies Brunch

As much as I try to speak to everyone at the dinner on Saturday night the reality is that it is such a busy night that it may not be possible for me to manage that.  Last year I had at least two quilters come to the dinner that I had not met… and at least one of them I still have not met. 

If you are new to Aussie Heroes and would like to meet other new volunteers and myself then you are invited to have brunch with me at a venue to be decided depending on the numbers of interested people. 

Time to be advised closer to time.  Everyone will pay individually for their own lunch.
Australian War Memorial Tour

This will be a free event and will hopefully include viewing the Aussie Hero Quilts Centenary of ANZAC Quilt which is not normally on display. The tour will be 90 minutes in duration and will commence at 1330. (130pm)

The Annual Thank You Dinner 

Of course the dinner is on the Saturday night. It will be fabulous… 
and it will also be held at the Royal Military College Duntroon Sergeants’ Mess.

It will commence at 1830 (630pm) and will end at 2230 (1030pm)

This year you will be served nibbles on arrival.  

Dinner will be a smorgasbord with allocated seating at round tables.

Drinks will be at your own expense from the bar.   

Numbers are limited.   

Tickets cost $70 per person.

Sunday 4th of November 

Finally, we will round out the weekend with a brunch for those who wish to attend.  This will be at Poppy’s Cafe at the Australian War Memorial and will commence at 930am. 

Ticket sales 

Tickets are available here 

As per last year, I have made a group booking at the Diplomat Hotel. Everyone who stayed there last year loved it and I expect that you will this year too. 

I believe that the rooms I have reserved at the Diplomat have all been booked but I may be able to negotiate more rooms. Please email me if you would be interested in staying at the Diplomat please email me and depending on the numbers I will see what I can arrange. Get in quick though as I will need to contact them soon. 
Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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