Another little update from Frank…..

Written by AHQ

19 November 2015

Dear Nanna S,
Hope things are well. Frank was most upset that we were not able to attend the AHQ Dinner.
As you may know, we were selling our house and needed to do a home open for some potential buyers last minute.
To pass the time, Frank decided to get behind my computer – he found a bank that has a credit card called…yep…Frank.

“Look, theres a credit card with my name on it…can I have it?”
“that’s nice, no.”
“but it has my name on it…”
“I see that, but No.”
“I can have black or white, white probably matches my threads better don’t you think?”
“Yes – white does look better”
“So I can get one?
“But why not?”
“Because, LB’s don’t have credit cards”
“But I’m not just any  Laundry Bag, I’m Special!”
“Yes Frank, but the answer is still No.”
*Sigh* – it’s really difficult to explain to Frank that although he is special and has character – he just can’t have a credit card. I went on to explain credit cards are for adults with credit ratings – which then led to birthday’s.
Frank would like to know if he is entitled to a birthday, and would it be the day he was completed or the day he was given/adopted by me. I said to him that it would be the day he was all stitched together.
And then he wanted to know how long he had been with me, and had his birthday passed. I said yep, its been over a year, so I would say your stitchday – because he wasn’t born after all – tustve been and gone.
After a long silence, he asked if we could have a stitchday party. I couldn’t see why not, so currently I am planning a stitchday celebration – I have no idea where to start.
Frank however, as he is always so helpful, has come up with a few ideas.
“We could get those blow up sumo suits”
“No Frank”
“why not? why do you always say No?”
“how would you wear the sumo suit Frank? You are a LB!”
after a prolonged silence – “…I wore the body armour didn’t I?”
“And you wouldn’t have thought that I could right?”
“correct, but the answer is still…”
“No! I know! Can we…”
I’ll save you the rest of the discussion. Lets just say it included a lot of No’s and a lot of huff and puffs and a star trek moment too.
Either way, I have managed to convince him that we will have a quiet celebration this year and maybe-yes MAYBE – a stitchday celebration next year.
Well Nanna S, that’s about it for now. We sold the house here in Sydney and are moving to Adelaide in the coming weeks. So another road trip – which Frank is looking forward to, and in a new house for Christmas which we are all looking forward too.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Regards and best wishes,


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  1. Jeann of Melton

    I love hearing about Frank. Hope he enjoys his new home.

  2. kiwikid

    Greatto hear from Frank…very entertaining.

  3. Jacqui D

    A little bit of lightheartedness at a stressful time….nous t'aimons (we love you) Frank!


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