A Message from South Sudan…..

Written by AHQ

5 June 2016

I received this message this morning from one of my recipients who is currently a peacekeeper in South Sudan. 

“I thought you might like to see the laundry bag in action – this is my ‘sista’ who is one of the IDPs (internally displaced person) who does my laundry.  A lovely lady whose children are in Kenya, and who just had another baby a few weeks ago (was pregnant with twins but one didn’t make it) – the laundry work they pick up is only a few US dollars for us but makes a huge difference for the women who would otherwise have no income.  Apparently I’m “her best friend”.

To me it is a reminder that we often forget just how lucky we are to be born in this beautiful country. 

Till next time…………I am off to count my blessings.

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Sandra Askill

    An aspect of life over there that I was totally unaware of.
    That rainbow laundry bag would surely gladden the heart of anyone using it.
    Thank you for sharing the photo and the story.
    Sandy A.


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