Welcome Home HMAS Newcastle

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13 October 2013

Well, it has been a busy day of sewing in Penrith today.  Only three of us there today which is a huge contrast to last month when we packed out the room but it didn’t matter, as fun was had by all, as usual!  Katherine completed a quilt top that I had cut out and Chelly and I combined to complete a bunch of laundry bags together!  

Tonight, however, belongs to HMAS Newcastle.

Welcome home ladies and gents.  It has been great working with you to get your quilts and laundry bags to you and I know we have all appreciated all the thank you messages we have received in return.  

The Chaplain has been an awesome contact for me to have and I owe him a big thank you for really helping to coordinate this!  I also have to thank him for all the great photos you are about to see. 

I haven’t counted up how many quilts and laundry bags are included in all these pics but certainly a good selection of all of them.  If you see your quilt or laundry bag in one of these pics and would like a better copy of the photo just email me and let me know which one.  You will need to quote the number below each photo.











Let Sleeping Sea Dogs Lie!!!
I just could not resist adding a caption to this one!  
Thanks to the Captain for getting into the spirit!

Best wished to crew and families and friends of HMAS Newcastle! 

You can read more about Newcastle’s home coming here

Till next time……………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Janine C

    What wonderful photos of amazing people ON THEIR WAY HOME … and great quilts and laundry bags too. This is a very happy post.

  2. trash

    Welcome home you fellas.


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