Weekly Dispatches – 5th March 2021

Written by AHQ

5 March 2021


We have reached another huge milestone. With the following dispatches that have gone to their new homes this week, we have sent

Over 13000 Quilts!!! 

This is an outstanding achievement by Aussie Hero’s Quilts and Laundry Bags and everyone involved in helping to make this happen. 

We should all be very proud to have been able to bring joy to so many that have sacrificed so much in service for their country. 

Please enjoy!!!


This year so far we have sent off 212 quilts 

and that has brought our total since we started to 13017.

We have also sent off 557 laundry bags, bringing our total since we started to over 30260 laundry bags.


Ellen N

Bev F Front and Back

Bev F

Bev U

Garage Girls, Embroidery by Inge
Helen G

Jo H & BOM’s, applique & binding Di G, embroidery Sandy C

Keryn M

Bridget R, donated blocks

Bridget R

Pennie T

Garage Girls, Embroidery by Kerri B
Maitland Quilters, applique by Clarissa L
Bridget R, top by Kerri B
Bev C

Bev C

Ellen N

Gail M

Garage Girls

Georgia M

Georgia M

Heather B and BOM

Heather B

Joy H

Mae M, Applique by Clarissa, Embroidery by Kerri B
Maitland Quilters, Embroidery by Merran M
Chris E

Garage Girls using BOMs, embroidery by Rhonda
Jenny P, quilted and bound by Philomena
Kalindi C, Embroidery by Inge
Kate E

Lynn F Quilted by Philomena
Mae M, Marianne R & Bridget R – 10 LB’s
Sally R

Toni F
Clarissa L Front and Back

Ellen N -5 LB’s

Ellen N – 9 LB’s

Lyn K, embroidery by Rhonda
Again, we are so grateful and proud of everything we have done. Every person that has been involved since the beginning and up till now has made this milestone possible. We can’t do this alone, it is only through a network of likeminded people and teamwork that any of this is possible.
Happy sewing everyone!!! 

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