Weekly Dispatches 4 October 2013

Written by AHQ

4 October 2013

G’day all.  
Before I show you the quilts and laundry bags that headed off to their new homes this week just a little more info about the raffle quilt we are going to make.  

Gail Mc, Janine, Karen B, and Liz J have already put their names down to make a block.  love those early birds but there is still room for 24 more blocks.

 I have decided not to ask for stamped envelopes as that will take too long to get to me from those further away.  If you wish to participate in the quilt by making a block please email or PM me with your postal address.   Please include your address even if you know I have it as I will be getting some young friends of mine to address the envelopes and it will be a lot quicker if I don’t have to look up the addresses for them first.  I will start mailing out the fabric and instructions on Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday.

Full instructions for the block and the mailing instructions will be included in the envelope with the fabric.  
The blocks are not going to be posted to me!
An address will be included in the instructions. My lovely regular partner in crime, LYNN, has “volunteered” to put the quilt top together to save time we are going to send the blocks straight to her.  

  All blocks must arrive in Sydney with Lynn no later than Friday the 25th of October.  I know that does not give you much time, especially you ladies in WA for example, but it is only one block and it does not have to be fancy.

Once Lynn has completed the quilt top it will be going to Kym C for quilting.  Kym is one of our wonderful volunteer long arm quilters and she is located in Bundaberg in QLD.   We are lucky that she will be able to do it for us and whoever wins this quilt is going to be receiving something special!

Here the feature material I have chosen and you will be receiving a 6 1/2″ square.

Don’t forget to email me if you want to be part of it.

Here in Sydney, as in some other parts of the country, this is a long weekend.  For me this weekend is incredibly busy.  it is going to be full family stuff, invitations to visit friends, friends coming here, my son returning to Boarding School on Monday morning, a planning call with Angela on Monday to organise the dinner and a speaking engagement for me on Monday night.  So, in order to make like a little easier and give a little more time to my family I have decided that there will be no blog post this Sunday.  I will be back as normal on Monday, all being well, with an update of info re the dinner.

So no post on Sunday.

Well, another awesome week has one by. It is October folks!  When did that happen?

Here is our Show and Tell for this week – hope you enjoy it!

The tally so far.  

26 quilts this week and 22 laundry bags.  

1111 quilts and 2025 laundry bags for 2013.  

2119 quilts and 3391 laundry bags in total. 




Judy C

Julie Ann


 Christine C

 Debbie, ably assisted by the very capable Estella 


Jenny and Gale



Lynn created the quilt top, I added the pups and Stephanie T quilted this one. I had to wait till this one was received before I could share it.

Pam Y


Stephanie T

Su created this awesome quilt…another one that had to be received before I could share the picture.

 Til next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.  JMxx

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