The Brisbane Dinner and the Request List

Written by AHQ

7 October 2013

Hi All,
Well sit back with a cuppa and get ready to read all about the social event of this year’s Calendar. Forget all those black tie events you thought you were looking forward to, those casual barbecues in your stubbies and thongs, family dinners and friendly get togethers.  

The one event you don’t want to miss is this year’s 
Aussie Hero Quilts Dinner.

This is to be a special night aimed at celebrating what Aussie Heroes has achieved since its inception.  It is a chance for recipients, supporters and Aussie Hero Friends to chat and have some fun.  

Please mark the following details in your calendar.

Date – 30 November

Commencing – 630pm

Venue – United Service Club  
183 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill, Brisbane

Our function will be held in the Moreton Room which is situated in the building known as the Green House, a beautiful turn of the century timber Queenslander with wide verandas and exquisite stained glass windows. The Moreton Room has an ambience of colonial elegance.

Who is invited?

If you are an Aussie Hero Friend we would love you to come.  If you, or a loved one, has received a quilt or a laundry bag from Aussie Heroes we would be honoured if you would consider joining us. If you follow the Facebook page or the blog I hope you will consider coming along as well.  You don’t have to be eligible to come, you just have to want to come.

Dress code –  Modern Business Professional
Men – Long or short sleeved buttoned shirt, tailored trousers, with business shoes.

Women – Skirt or pant suit, Jacket/blouse with skirt or tailored trousers or a dress.

Uniform??? Absolutely!


Format of the evening.

This will not be a formal sit down dinner.  There will be hot and cold finger foods, a couple of different kinds of noodle boxes and cheese platters.   A cash bar will be in operation as it is just too expensive for us to run a function with a drinks package.

It is yet to be confirmed but I am hoping that we will have a guest speaker who is one of our recipients as well as being one of my “distributors”.  

We are planning a Raffle, Door Prizes and much more.


There are some rooms available for guests who want to stay at the venue overnight.  All accommodation enquiries should go through Reception (07 3831 4433). They need to advise that they are attending the Aussie Heroes Dinner and quote ‘D3515’ as the event account number.

The Morning After Breakfast.

Depending on how many people are interested we are looking at finding a venue for a relaxed breakfast/brunch the next day.  There are several people who have indicated that they will be traveling from a distance to attend and this might be a good chance to chat a bit more while we are all together.  More details of this to follow but if you are interested in attending please let me know.

Ticket Reservation and Payment

Numbers are limited so you need to get in early to reserve your ticket.  We still need a couple of weeks to lock all the details in concrete so right now, if you are interested in coming, you need to register.  Send Angela an email on an*********@op******.au,  and we will add you to the list. If you cannot email them you can PM me but emails are so much easier for this please and will reduce my workload.  

Tickets can be paid for from Monday 21 October and ticket sales for the dinner and the raffle must end by 6PM Monday 25th of November.  That gives us time to finalise the numbers with the venue. The cost of your ticket will be around $40 per head (to be confirmed by 21 Oct) and that will include one raffle ticket.  
Raffle Tickets
What about everyone who can’t make it?  Can you still be part of the fun?  Absolutely you can. There will be some special prizes available only to those who attend on the night – mostly because they are too cumbersome or expensive to post but we are coming up with a plan that will enable you to buy raffle tickets in the main raffle as well.   First prize will be the raffle quilt – a real Aussie Hero Quilt – something that money cannot buy.  There are plans for other prizes but you will have to wait till those are confirmed (and sourced in some cases).  You will be able to buy one ticket or multiples. 

Raffle tickets for those NOT ATTENDING will go on sale within days.  Envelopes containing the fabric and instructions for the Raffle Quilt Blocks are hitting the mail tomorrow and are heading all over Australia!  This is is going to be a beautiful quilt.  The blocks will be assembled into a quilt top by my regular partner in crime, Lynn, and the quilt will be professionally quilted by Kym of Professional Quilting Service.  The winner will be receiving something really special.

Laundry Bag Challenge
Angela and I spent over an hour on the phone this morning sorting details for the dinner and brain storming.  That can be a dangerous thing as we came up with the brainwave.  We are going to have a laundry bag challenge. Everyone, even those who cannot attend, is invited to make a laundry bag. You can make an Aussie themed one, a military themed one or a fun one.  

All laundry bags are to be sent to

Angela (Aussie Heroes)
PO Box 5411
Brendale  QLD  4500

Please do not send them to me
I don’t want to have to carry them or send them to Brisbane.

One laundry bag per person please, and most important, please include an A4 sheet of paper inside the laundry bag with your name, address and email so that we can contact the winner.  The number of winners (i.e. first, second and third) will be decided at a later date.  Also feel free to include your normal note to the recipient as all bags will be sent off straight after the event to my various contacts around the Middle East.  We already know we have a few recipients attending the dinner and I am hoping one or two of them will consent to be our Laundry Bag Judges.  Any time you are ready to send your completed laundry bag to Angela just email me for her address.

So, what do you need to do tonight?

Email me if you wish to register to reserve your place at the dinner.  

Start sewing your laundry bag for the Challenge

And start planning your Raffle Quilt Block if you have requested to be part of it.

And once you have done all of those, grab another cuppa and 
check out our Request List for this week.

Week three of having the Request List on the Blog.  How are you finding the system?

All of these quilts need to be in the mail no later than 1 Dec.

Those in pink are for girls (which I am sure you had worked out).  

Please give me all the information on the line i.e. the preference and the number in the separate column so that I can identify which request you are taking on.
QLD Reds or the Wallabies. Music – The Ramones, Rolling Stones, The Beatles.(I have Beatles fabric believe it or not)
Cricket, NRL Club Broncos – pink
Elephants, birds, owls – pink
AFL Tigers black and yellow
National Hockey League
(team – the Capitals) red and white
NRL Team Nth Qld Cowboys – blue
Shopping, volleyball, reading- purple yellow and orange
NBA Basketball – celtic green
Chess Midnight blue, dk purple
Animals green
AFL Club  Hawthorn – gold and brown
Rugby League red and white
AFL Club Collingwood, Navy – black and white
Swimming – blue
Whales and Pelicans – blue green white
Drag Cars, Road Bikes- royal blue
AFL Team St Kilda and a frangipani – red, black and white
NRL Team St George red and white
Bodyboarding – black
Exotic Sports Cars blue
Swimming and Rugby – blue
Navy Theme navy blue
Science fiction, fantasy books, Battlefield Game, Warrhammer 40,000 – blue and green

Please remember the preferences that have been listed are what we asked everyone to give us.  If the recipients have included several options that is not because they expect ALL of those to be included.  If you can make a quilt in their favourite colour but not in their favourite theme then that will do.  You do not need to go out and buy a lot of fabric to make a themed quilt if you do want to give them more of what they have asked for.  Assuming the motorbike squares in this quilt (By Jenny and Gale) are 6 1/2 inches you would only need to buy about half a meter of fabric.

Well, that is all from me tonight. I am off to Camden tonight to speak to the Camden Country Quilters Guild.  

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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