Weekly Dispatches 22 Dec 17

Written by AHQ

22 December 2017

Hi All

 A big blog post tonight… lots of quilts and loads and loads of laundry bags this week. Everyone has certainly kept busy!

So far for 2017 we have sent off 1745 quilts 

Bringing our total since we started to over 8,388 quilts


3417 laundry bags for the year 

Which brings us to a total of 16,504 since we started…

Chris E front and back

Deb and Grace Front and Back  

Ally C 
Anita V 
Anna C 

Bev C 

Bev F 
Quilt by Sandy C and quilted by Lynne V

BOMS top by Bev F and finished by WPH ladies 

BOMs Bridget


Green and gold BOMS and the rest by Bridget

Cath W 

Chris E front and back 

Deb and Grace 
Ellen N 

Fran T 


Helen W

Irene H 
Jen S 

Jenny N 
Joy H 
Katie L 

Quilt top by Kerry B and completed by Bridget

Quilt top by Kerry B, applique by Marcelle and quilted by Philomena 

Liz S 

Lorraine H 

Lynn, embroidery by Kerri, quilted by Bridget 
Lynn K 
Lynn  quilted by Bridget 

Maitland Patchwork and Quilting Group.

Maree J 

Melissa L 

Michelle DB and quilted by Kim M

Michelle DB

LS James Whittle took this terrific photo whilst on HMAS Darwin and we figured it would look great on a laundry bag so 

Bev U made one for James 

and Bridget made one for the Midshipman who was the subject of the photo..

Pam W 


Raeleen W 



Robyn H 


Ruth S 
Sally R 

Sandra R 


 Steph N 
Sue G 

Sue M 

Susan P

Wendy V quilted by Alison 

Wendy V quilted by Cath M applique by Clarissa

Wendy V, Clarissa applique and quilted by Bridget

Phew!  A huge blog post tonight that’s for sure. 

Now I am off to wrap Christmas presents and get the grocery list ready for Christmas dinner and the next few days! 

Hope you are all a bit more organised for Christmas than I am. 

Till next time, keep spreading the word and happy stitching! (if you have time)

Jan-Maree xx

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