Weekly Dispatches 2 June 2017

Written by AHQ

2 June 2017

G’day all
As I write this I am sitting at a kitchen table in Canberra where I have been staying for the last two nights with good friends, a recipient from 2013/14 and his wife. It has been a busy couple of days so far.  On Wednesday I delivered a special signed jersey to Soldier On (more on that later) and a quilt to one of the Chaplains at Campbell Park Offices before heading to my accommodation and getting ready to go out to dinner with friends. 

Yesterday was the morning tea at Joint Operations Command which I will tell you more about next week, when I have had time to charge my camera and upload the photos. I had another appointment for lunch and then last night I attended the Canberra Quilters’ Monthly Meeting.  If you are in Canberra and if you are a quilter, or want to become a quilter, I can highly recommend this group as they are incredibly active and very inspiring. 

Today I have  whole schedule again… Visiting the venue for our dinner, presenting a laundry bag to a recipient, a catch-up out at HMAS Harman with the Commanding Officer and the Ship’s Warrant Officer and then a quilt to present before moving to a hotel for the weekend with my husband and dinner tonight.  

I will give you a better run down next week… when I have time to write it up.

Till then, enjoy the show and tell.

So far for 2017 we have sent off 1483 laundry bags 
which brings us to a total of 14540 since we started…

We have also sent 838 quilts 
bringing our total since we started to over 7,478 quilts
Debbie M 
Alison D G 

Anne C

Anne D

BOMs  pieced into a top by Beth H and quilted by Mary M 

BOMs turned into a quilt by Mary M 

BOMs pieced into a quilt by Maree W and embelished by Gail


Carol G 


BOMs by Cheryl DP and Mary M 


Connie M 

Debbie B 

Elizabeth G 

Fran T 

Helen and Pat

Helen W 

Hilary T and Sue A

Jenny S 

Jenny W 



Joy C 

Joy H 

Kay D 

Kaye G 

Lynn and quilted by Belinda

Maddy made this top, embellished by Gail 

Melissa L 
Melissa L 

Michelle D B 


Help! I can’t remember who did this top, if it is one of yours please let me know. Joan added the wording and Bridget quilted it. 
Michelle DB

Robyn B 


Ruth S 

Sue S W 

Sue N 

Till next time….. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  
Jan-Maree xx

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  1. cindy

    As always.. wonderful creations!


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