Weekly Dispatches 15 November

Written by AHQ

15 November 2013

Oh boy!  What  a huge week – both in the number of quilts and laundry bags being sent off and in the amount needing to be done.  

51 quilts this week and 27 laundry bags.  

1231 quilts and 2239 laundry bags for 2013.  

2239 quilts and 3605 laundry bags in total.

This time last year we had sent 805 quilts and 1044 laundry bags!  This year in the same amount of time we have sent 1231 quilts and 2239 laundry bags!  WOW!  Well done you!

These first five quilts are all Block of the Month Quilts and I LOVE THEM!  These tops were put together by Naomi and her friends in SA and then sent to me for completion  Various quilters had a hand in finishing them and they all looked just wonderful up close!

This is another awesome Block of the Month Quilt.  Just love these wonky crosses.  If you want to make some blocks between now and when the next BOM is released in February and you don’t run out of red and don’t want to make poppies please feel free to make these instead. These will never go astray.

These next three quilt tops are ones whose makers I can’t remember.  Normally I would sit and trawl through the happy mail posts to work out who sent them but I just don’t have time today.  I have a better system in place now (I think) but if anyone made these tops or wants to do the trawling for me, just let me know and I will edit the post so I can give credit where credit is due!

Camden Country Quilters created the next two quilts – many thanks Camden!

Cheryl R made this one. 

Check out those paw prints!  LOVE IT!

Chatting Chooks did a little less chatting and a lot more sewing!  Yay girls!

The backing for this one was dyed by Judy C!

You can see it has been given the Barney seal of approval!


Remember those pretty pink square?  Debbie put them together. I hope you caught the post earlier this week showing this quilt being happily modeled by its cute new owner.

I made this quilt top and it was quilted by Kym.  This fellow is an Ammunition Technician.  The design on the quilt is the Ammo Tech’s flaming bullet with a red kangaroo below it as that was his personal preference.

The Flaming Bomb is the an Ammo Tech  (AT) trade badge, when fully qualified they are allowed wear it on their uniform, some times. The badge itself is like the British AT/ATO badge, but with a demi wreath of wattle. It is a sort after sign that they have passed, in some cases, years of training.  Ammo Techs are the Army’s ammunition and explosives specialist with the principal role of providing ammunition safety and performance assurance to commanders. The Ammo Tech provides technical advice and support pertaining to Explosive Ordnance (EO) safety, assurance, regulatory compliance, conducts supply chain management of EO, and conducts EOD operations in relation to ammunition and explosives.

I take it very seriously when someone asks me to reproduce such a special symbol of their service.  I was telling Kym about it and she asked me to send her a copy of the design.

Just look what she did with it!

I also managed to finish some laundry bags this week.


 Do any of you remember the Blue Sharks Mystery Quilt you sent in blocks for?  Well here it is in all its glory.

More of Kym’s awesome handiwork!


Julie created the next three quilt tops

Kirsty sent in this quilt top and Joan quilted it beautifully.

Another of Kirsty’s quilt tops – the photo does not do the soft colours justice

These girls are from a catholic college in Western Australia and have been beavering away making laundry bags in class

Bravo girls!  You should be so proud of yourselves.  

leanne created the next three quilts 

Liz has been busy but this is all I can show you this week.  Note the quilting!  Done on her domestic sewing machine! 

Louise created the next two quilt tops. 


Somewhere on this quilt Stephanie has quilted in “HMAS Melbourne”.  No prizes for guessing where it is going!


Meg made the quilt top and Camden Country Quilters quilted it  – can you see that they also added the word “thank you” at the top.  LOVE IT!

Another top by Meg and Stephanie T quilted this one after she painted on the map of Aus!

meg again

and again

Another awesome scrap quilt by Millie

more of Millie’s handiwork

Not sure of the maker of this one but sent to me by Nancy, pennants added by Louise.
Harold and the Old Bags and the Dags have been at it again – how sunny and happy is this one?

And how awesome is this one.  Harold did all the applique on this one.  LOVE THIS!!!!

Pennie is new to Aussie Heroes – hope she sticks around!

Just have to show you the detail of this one by Sandra.  LOVE IT!
And the full shot

once again – gorgeous hand dyed backing by Judy C

Stephanie T and her grandsons have been busy.  Check out the octopus and the submarine!

And the cutlasses, pirate ship, skull and cross bones and treasure chest.  

 Got to love this backing as well!

This is more of Stephanie’s work – how to make a small about of theme fabric stretch to a whole quilt.

A finally a gorgeous little laundry bag model.

This quilt top was sent in by Sue N (SA).  Just quietly, I did not want to give this quilt away!  LOVE those bright scraps!  YUM!

That is it for me – I have a quick coffee (well a hot chocolate in my case) then lots more work to do tonight.  Have a great weekend all and spare a thought for our wonderful deployed heroes.

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Janine C

    So many wonderful quilts – just too much to take in at one viewing. They are really amazing and those numbers and just fantastic.


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