Weekly Dispatches 11 September

Written by AHQ

11 September 2015

G’day all.  
I hope you have something nice planned for your weekend. I have a sewing day in Penrith tomorrow and will continue sewing on Sunday.  That should keep me out of mischief given that my husband is overseas!  🙂  
As always some great quilts and laundry bags headed off this week.  
Enjoy the show and tell.
1134 quilts and 1552 laundry bags for 2015. 

4716 quilts and  6999 laundry bags in total.

Our first two quilts tonight are very special ones, bound for the Jacinda Baker Ward in the ANZAC Hospital in Iraq. 

I took two of the quilt tops sent in by the North of the Yarra Quilt Group and sent them on to the lovely ladies at the Fabric Arts Studio in Coffs Harbour.  They worked their magic on them and “Kiwi-fied” them, then another of their number quilted them.   I am told that The Kiwi quilt was done by Jo and Margaret.  The Silver Fern quilt was done by Di and Judith.  All the girls at the Fabric Art Studio in Coffs Harbour contributed ideas, materials, encouragement and cheek!

Don’t they look great!


Carmel P

Front and back


Sunshine Quilters


Fran T 

Jackie J 

Jan E

Jan Q

Jane S

back and front.


Jenny G

Jenny S

This was a bit of a joint effort. I created all the letters but had to hand over to Lynn to do the applique and put the quilt top together.  Maureen embroidered the badge at the bottom by hand. Kerrie embroidered the Skippy badge on her machine and Lisa N quilted and bound it and sent it off.

Queanbeyan CWA

Julie Ann



Kay H 

Had to share this comment… This is a Firefly themed laundry bag – a SciFi themed series. Kay wrote…. “I accidentally ended up with dinosaurs upside down on casing at top – a bit of space turbulence upended them :)”  


Leah D

Kim F 

Lisa N 


Lynn and Kym

Lynn S

Robyn W

Ronda T

Stephanie D

Sue M 

Sue N 

Sue P

Tanya S

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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