Weekly Dispatches 1 August

Written by AHQ

1 August 2014

Hi all, another week behind us and a new lot of quilts and laundry bags to enjoy.  Only a relatively small batch to enjoy this week but there is a reason for that. All over the country quilters are poised to put quilts and laundry bags that they have sewn for HMAS Toowoomba in the mail.  Many have been stitched and folded and packed and are sitting waiting till tomorrow when the ship sails so that we can post them.  I hope the posties are ready for a big mail delivery early on in their deployment.  

Wishing you all the best HMAS Toowoomba.  

May you have fair winds and following seas and may you give those pirates and drug smugglers a really hard time. 

I still need some boxes of laundry bags if anyone has time to make some please.  
If you have time to make some please get in touch.

613 quilts and 730 laundry bags for 2014.  

2983 quilts and  4576 laundry bags in total.
Irene made this quilt and I just have to say I love it!  A request for all things Queensland and it had to be made by a Queenslander, take a look and check out all the things she has included.  LOVE IT!!


Barbara F


Louise of Dolphin Bay Quilters

Adele from the MUC Pilgrim Patchworkers


Steph N

Sue A

Happy Birthday Pennie!  Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy that new Grandbaby when you get there.

Happy birthday to all the horses out there 

as well as to one very special young lady 

who must be so happy to have her mum home from deployment in time for them to celebrate together.  

Finally, I showed this photo on Facebook last night so for those who do not do Facebook I am really pleased to finally be able to show you the completed Soldier On Quilt. Created by Lynn, Debbie and myself, it will be part of a silent auction as part of the fund raising for the Soldier on Gala Ball in Canberra on the 29th of August. Apparently you don’t have to be there to big so I am hoping some of you will put your hat in the ring and help to raise some money for Soldier On.

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Beeshebags

    Just bought 19 metres of cord to use in some LB's so will see if I can get some cut up and made.



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