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Written by AHQ

21 December 2016

Hi all.
We interrupt the Christmas shopping, cooking and gift wrapping to bring you this week’s gratitude post….

Take a break from it and enjoy these messages….


Dear Julie-Ann, 

Thank you very much for your wonderful gift! The laundry bag looks amazing and I love the detail you’ve incorporated into it, not to mention the selfless effort that ensued. Thank you very dearly, you brightened my day as the weather is starting to close in and the rain is on it’s way. 

I’ll visit family and friends when I’m back and go camping and spend time at the beach before heading back to work. 

Thank you again and say a big hello and thank you to your family. May you all stay safe and well, and I have the utmost respect for your role as carer for your husband. My grandma passed away with MS last year and I know how difficult it can be. Your selflessness is a blessing. 

Thanks again, 

Much love,


Hello Jeanne,

I am writing to you to thank you for the laundry bag I received by you through Aussie Hero Quilts.  My role with the Royal Australian Navy is Electronics Technician.

Currently I am just packing and preparing to return home  after being deployed in Northern & Western Australia patrolling Australian waters.

At the beginning of this deployment (4months ago) we received our laundry bags.  Mine has accompanied me throughout this deployment and will follow me for many more to come, my next move will be serving on HMAS Anzac from Fleet Base East Sydney.

Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Kind regards 


I’m currently on my first deployment to the Middle Eastern region currently serving in the Royal Australian Air Force.  I am an leading Aircraftsman and have been in defence now for a 3 years now. 

Thank you soo much for the care package with the quilt! Its my favourite colours and I love football! It’s getting colder now so it has come in handy!  I can’t wait to come back home!

Thank you again!


Greetings Julie-Ann

Accepting my laundry bag and the treats with kind and appreciative heart. Thank you for these gifts and I am not using my laundry bag for its intended purpose, I am hanging it in my office and I have lots of compliments for it.

Keep up the good work and I am one of the many ADF personnel who is lucky and bless to have received your kind support to us through your specialty and talents.

Have a holy & merry Christmas.



G-day Steve and Jenny

I received an awesome parcel from you this week and want to thank you for your kind words, hard work and the amazing Pineapple 🙂 

Luckily we haven’t received any big Pineapples this trip. 

I shared the pineapple tim tams and lollies with some Afghani interpreters who work with us and they devoured them in about 2 seconds flat!

Thanks again for your gift. I can only send a picture for now.

Have an awesome X-mas

Hi Julie-Ann,

I just received your wonderful laundry bag. I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for it, I love it. It truly made my day and gave me a huge smile. 

I enjoy the job here a lot, but I am looking forward to being home and seeing my family.

I just want to say thank you again. It means so much to all of us here to not only have a bit of home to look at daily, but to know how much love and support we have back in Aus. It helps me  “soldier on” that’s for sure. 

Say hello to your beautiful family for me. Once again, thank you and thank AHQ for your amazing gifts.


Dear Robin & Joan,

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I a received a fantastic laundry bag with musical instrument on it. I am a keen music lover and play the drums so it was very appropriate! Thank you for the great work you do. Parcels are always very appreciated when deployed. 

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you once again.

On behalf of all Mentors at the Afghan National Army Officers Academy, Qargha, Kabul Afghanistan

Dear Jacqui,

I would like to thank you for the amazing quilt and laundry bag.
Receiving them was by far the highlight of my deployment, and I still have a chuckle when I look at them.
No I am not a Queenslander, but I did spend 6 years there whilst posted at Amberley.
I requested pineapples as I work in logistics, and when we are tasked with a job or someone requests something (which is usually out of the ordinary) we refer to it as a pineapple or being pineapple.

Once again, thank you for the time and effort that you put into the quilt and laundry bag,
we really appreciate all the work done by everyone at Aussie Hero Quilts and it’s good to know
that even when we feel like our efforts go unnoticed that someone is thinking of us.

Greeting from the Middle East Thelma !

Thank you so very much for my lovely quilt .I have a confession to make, I would not have thought that there would have been such a pattern of Vespa’s and most of them were red. I was honestly expecting a red patchwork quilt and the Vespa’s logo in the middle and I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Another confession is that I’m on Facebook and get Jan-Maree’s posts and I spotted my quilt before it arrived but the resolution of the photo did not show the pattern very well so that was a surprise and it now is on my bed and brings some colour to an otherwise very bland cabin.
(Hee Hee one reason why the resolution is so low on the blog!!!)

Anyway thank you very much for my quilt , I love it and you are right it ticked all the boxes (surprisingly).  All the work you do is appreciated and everyone looks forward to getting their quilts . I hope all your others are as well received.

Good afternoon Lorraine, 

I am sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, but I wanted to thank you for my amazing quilt and laundry bag. The last few months were incredibly busy and stressful, and receiving your quilt was a HUGE morale boost. It took primary place on my bed for the remainder of my deployment. I am home now and my daughter (5) absolutely fell in love with it. 
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. The kindness that you and all the other quilting ladies certainly does not go unnoticed. 
I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas and new year. 



Good afternoon Jan-Maree and April,

I wanted to write a short note to thank you for my wonderful quilt and laundry bag, they are just perfect!! I would also like to thank you for the other little goodies, the book, the lollies and the pudding etc that were also contained within my packages – thank you!!

Thank you also for the letter and card that you sent, it certainly makes me feel like I know both of you (at least a little bit).  

Jan-Maree could you please pass on my thanks to Sheree, Stephanie T and Bridget who assisted in the making of my quilt.

I will be sure to make a donation to Aussie Hero Quilts as a mark of my gratitude.


Hi Beverly U

I just received my mine craft Aussie quilt! I have to say it looks amazing and will cherish it for a long time to come. As you personally requested to make my quilt I would like to personally thank you for doing an outstanding job! Although I know you don’t expect thanks and praise for doing a good deed please know that everyone who has received a quilt from you and the organisation is extremely grateful! Please say hello to your husband Peter and your two grandchildren who were the inspiration for my creeper quilt. 


Hi Lynn and Arthur,

I just received the hero quilt you send me and I absolutely love it! it’s better then I could have possibly imaged and I will treasure it as a memento for the rest of my life.
I want to thank you for your effort and time in sewing this quilt, and for your sister-in-law Wendy for sourcing the George Cross, it means a lot to me and I enjoyed reading your letter about your background.
On holidays I’ve traveled through both Ireland and the UK and found them both to be great countries, I’m glad Australia and the UK have a rich joint history and strong diplomatic ties.
But that’s enough about that.. I hope you all have an amazing day, thank you again for the quilt! you’ll never know how much it means to me!

I have no contact with Joanne below… perhaps she is a member of a quilt group or she is one of the ladies who makes bags and sends them to me out of the blue… if you know her can you please make sure she sees this message…..

Hi Jan-Maree,

I am a lucky recipient of one of your Aussie Hero Laundry Bags.
The creator of my bag was a ‘grateful Dutch Australian’ by the name of Joanne K from Victoria.
If you could pass on my deepest gratitude to Joanne I would really appreciate it.

It is odd how much a gift from a stranger can mean to you.  When I opened the package I felt immediately humbled that someone took the time out of their life to  make a serving members’ time away just that little more comfortable. I always see my deployment as just ‘doing my job’, I forget how much other people appreciate it.

When I got the laundry bag I grabbed a second for my room-mate so that she could ‘feel the love’ too.  But I selfishly looked at both before offering my room-mate one so that I could choose my favourite.  I’m happy to say that I love the bag Joanne has designed.  I love dark blue and red is my favourite colour.  The palm tree patchwork reminds me of home.  We both use our laundry bags every day and I know it is something I will have in my house forever.

Thank you and your volunteers, especially Joanne K, for taking the time to put a smile on all of our faces.  You are all doing a fantastic thing for us serving members and I hope when I eventually leave the force,  I can make a cracking quilt or laundry bag just like your volunteers are doing right now.

Thank you once again,

Dear Joy H, 
I can’t thank you enough for the quilt and the choccies  it really goes a long way and is much appreciated. I hope you are well and I thank you for the hard work and effort you put into your quilts it really shows.  Thanks again and have a great Christmas Good one ya 

Hi Jan ,
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you very much for your laundry bag donation to XXXXXX  currently serving in Darwin ,  we received our bags a few months ago and boy have they got around ! My bag was made Lisa K and I love it ! Please pass my big thanks also to her if possible.   I have attached a photo of my team on one of our patrol boats. Kindness of strangers really is a wonderful thing and I will be getting involved in a similar project when I soon return home. Alas however it will not be quilting, I fear I’d stitch my fingers to it !! 
Anyways Thank you all again and I wish you and yours are Merry Christmas and safe new year. 

Kind Regards


Now back to those Christmas chores….

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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