Visiting HMAS Rankin by Jenny N

Written by AHQ

28 May 2018

Aussie Heroes had the privilege of going to visit HMAS Rankin today with a gift of laundry bags and quilts for the crew.

I took Jenny N with me and after we handed out the bags and quilts to a very happy crew she was able to tour the boat.  Here is her story…..
I was kindly asked if I would like to have a look inside the boat.(I’m always learning at Aussie Heroes , submarines are boats not ships!)

Well I couldn’t get on board quickly enough after such a kind invitation, and it beats anything on my bucket list!

After negotiating a fairly tricky ladder I was inside a sub.

I had a tour of the first level and saw tiny cubicles like a phone box, with a toilet and shower together…that’s clever with limited space. Further along was the galley where 4 meals a day are made to accommodate the hectic shifts of the crew.

The menu looked really nice today with lots of various curries YUM. Didn’t see any desserts, probably not a good idea to have too many of those on a sub…! 

Down a bit further was the Ops room with a lot of electronics and monitors. The mapping was electronic as well . However did they manage before electronics, navigating submerged with paper charts?

Food for thought. They were kind enough to let me have a look through the periscope , nice view of Fort Denison.

There is a lower deck with carpeted stairs so the crew don’t get woken up too often with changing shifts.

This area is called “The Chicken Coop” or the sleeping quarters. The racks (bunks ) are 3 high and the best one is the middle one I was told.

It was such a privilege to be invited aboard and see a glimpse into the daily life of a submariner. Myself, and everyone who volunteers at Aussie Heroes, would like to thank you for service to Australia .We appreciate the sacrifices you make and hope you all keep safe in the next leg of your deployment.  We send our best wishes with our laundry bags and quilts and hope they keep you warm beneath the waves.

Jenny N

We had not even made it home before we got a message showing me that the XO’s quilt was already on her bunk.  This one made by Jean B and quilted by Philomena.  The laundry bag was made by your truly.

This very happily received laundry bag was made by Bridget.

And we have already received a couple of thank you messages. Please don’t forget to share them if you receive one. This one was sent to Pennie. 

Good morning,
Recieved my laundry bag this morning and it looks fantastic. The curvy writing looks great.
Thankyou very much.


Good morning Clarissa,

I got my laundry bag this morning and it’s amazing. It really made my morning on the day we’re sailing. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift.

Good morning Anne,

We’re about to sail,  but I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the personalised laundry bag. 

Everyone on board loves their own, but there is a bit of jealousy about the stitched submarine silhouette on mine. 
I’m not a massive fan of footy so you’ve done well. 


Till next time… keep spreading the word and always remember, DBF  🙂

Jan-Maree xx

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