Twas the day after Christmas…….

Written by ahq_admin

26 December 2016

Good morning all. 

No, this is not my home today but I saw this photo and it tickled my fancy!  It looks like the day after Christmas but a dog-lover’s family actually woke up to this on Christmas morning….

All is quiet in AHQ HQ today. The 20 year olds are asleep, and unlike yesterday when I turned up my new wireless speaker and played Christmas Carols til they fell out of bed, I intend to let them sleep.  

My husband, David, is busy loading the car as he is heading off to Camden to collect a glider and its trailer and head off to join his Gliding Club for a week or so.  

I would love to go with him…… hmmmm dusty airfields, flies, heat… sitting around all day… no sewing machine… oh who am I kidding!  

I am staying here in my air-conditioned home with my sewing machine.  She and I have plans for some quality time. I already have two quilts underway and intend to have those two finished before the next sewing day on the 30th so they can be layered and quilted……

And before you say, “Take some time off”… this is my sewing time which I LOVE!!!  I have to get in as much sewing while it is a little quieter than normal at this time of year to make up for the rest of the year when I am lucky if I get to sew once a week!  LOL

So, I know today is Monday but I am having another day off.  I will sew for a while before heading out to lunch with some of the wonderful friends AHQ has brought my way. 

The request list will come out tomorrow and I hope you don’t mind waiting another 24 hours, assuming you even notice the delay. 

Whether you are spending today having a belated Christmas catch up with family, watching the Sydney to Hobart or lying comatose to make up for yesterday’s over-indulgences, spare a moment to think of our Aussie Heroes and their families wherever they are. 

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

Lots of love


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  1. kiwikid

    Happy Christmas JM.


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