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Written by AHQ

30 December 2013

Got time for another quilt story?  Sure you do!  This is the story of a quilt made by the students of the Tenambit Public School Year 5/6 Class.

Back in May ChristieLeigh wrote to me and the conversation went like this….

A teacher at my childrens’ primary school approached me about teaching her class to quilt and asked ‘but what could they do?’   Immediately this cause came to mind.  Would there be any issues if the students were to make an Aussie Hero Quilt??   I imagine they would want to write about their quilt in the school newsletter and mention the cause.  Would that be an issue?  I wanted to get your thoughts on this before I have a meeting with the teacher tomorrow.

My response was

Hi ChristieLeigh,
Basically, GO FOR IT.  I love it when kids and schools get involved. I have already had two quilts made by a group of school students with their teacher and they went down a treat. Just warn them that they might not get a reply though I will do my best to get them one.  Careful selection of the recipient may aid that. JMxx

Then in June I heard some more…

Just wanted to update you.  10metres of fabric purchased.   160+ 3 1/2″ squares cut.  A bazillion to go this weekend.
The kids are so excited.  I told them that on Monday they will have their own snaplock bag with squares of fabric to start playing with and they started to cheer and clap.  Even the boys, so enthusiasm is High!!

How awesome is that!  I had to wait till November to hear some more.

Hi Jan-Maree,
I am still working with the class on their quilt.  Fingers crossed its gets done by next week! It’s a slow process with 30 kids and all these end of year functions and ceremonies.   
I have set up camp at the school and am sharing a room with our learning support teacher and today while I was sewing the year one kids next door started singing the song ‘I am, you are, we are……Australian’.  Gave me goosebumps instantly
I hope we will be able to report our project to you next Fri (fingers crossed)

Then at the beginning of December…

Hi Jan-Maree,
The students are getting very excited as 1 quilt has been sent off to be long arm quilter and the other should be completed tomorrow to be quilted by the same quilter.  That will leave just the binding to be done…… I’m so happy  the students get to see this project through by the end of the school term :)…(although cutting it rather fine)   

I have ‘camped’ up the school for the past week and a half all day, every day to ensure they see it completed before the end of the year 🙂

WOW ChristieLeigh – that is above and beyond the call of duty!

Then this

Goodmorning  Jan-Maree,
I am not sure how long the longarmer will take BUT she is the school pastor’s wife.  He has been keeping an eye on the project and said he can’t imagine her leaving it to ‘sit’ once she sees it.  It was by happy accident that we have her quilting them for us.  One day Pastor Tim popped his head in and wanted to know what was happening as it looked exciting.  He then offered his wife’s services to us!!  He has asked a lot of questions that I hope I answered well but referred him to your blog.

The teacher is having the class write the letters as a ‘writing exercise’ Thursday.

Another week later…..

Hi JM,
Here is one completed quilt.  I will take another picture later today of the quilt with all the students who contributed so you have a nice pic for your blog…..this is a preliminary pic to show you 1 is complete and hopefully gain a recipient’s address!!
Remember there are two quilts the same (but different ) But the other is taking longer at the longarmers and will still need to be bound and labelled.
The teacher and I chose a wonky star block as we felt it would create ‘floating sea of stars’ in the quilt and each student made a square containing their personal wonky star so in the end they could see their personal star that individually represented them.  It became their place to ‘shine’ within the quilt.  This project became quite representational to the students. Although it started out as a life skills exercise, it became much more.  After talking to them over sewing I think it taught them about the unknown “stars” who are out there “shining” for them.
Don’t you love that analogy of the “shining stars”, both the students and the Heroes. 

Finally the email I was waiting for, and the photo!

Hi Jan-Maree,

Just wanted to let you know this is in today’s mail..



And here is the result and honestly, I am not sure which is more gorgeous….the quilt or the quilters.

Well done Class 5/6M from Tenambit Public School, 
or as they say in the Navy BZ!!

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. The O's

    Well done YOU! Fantastic story and quilt.

  2. Jeann of Melton

    Congratulations on your efforts Grade 5/6M! The quilts looks fantastic. You should all be proud of yourselves. And I know it will be happily received.

  3. Sue Niven

    You are all stars! I love it! what a wonderful contribution and stunning work. Well done everyone!

  4. Dasha

    What a great story, and a fantastic quilt to show for all the hard work! Thumbs up kids.


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