Hi all, welcome to the Happy Mail for this week.  Lots of lovely goodies to show you tonight.  

This first message was shared on facebook overnight and I just have to repeat it here so that all the non-FB Aussie Hero Friends can enjoy it too.

Good afternoon ladies,

I just wanted to send out a very big thank you to all you wonderful ladies for doing a 

fabulous job! I believe my wonderful wife contacted you without my knowledge, and 

organised to have a quilt made up for me. I’m in the Air Force and work in Airfield 

Engineering which means I’m in the Construction/Engineering side of the work going on 

over here in the Middle East. I deployed over here in March, and won’t get to see my 

family again until October, when I finally return home. This is my 7th deployment 

overseas, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of the fantastic work you ladies are doing 

until now! What a surprise I got when a mystery box arrived the other day addressed to 

me. What I found when I opened it was the most amazing hand made quilt I have ever 

seen! A special thank you to Grace from Kalgoorlie-Boulder in WA who included a 

wonderful postcard that accompanied the quilt and laundry bag. The quilt was made with 

a bit of consultation between my wife and Grace to ensure it was ‘personal’ and reflected 

all the things Australian that I love! On behalf of all the Australian servicemen an 

servicewomen I just want to let you all know what a wonderful job you are doing and how 

very proud of all of you we are. Thank you. Its these little things that certainly make our 

deployments that much more special. 

Doesn’t that smile just make your day!  Made mine!

and now for the rest of the happy mail.  

We have a whole galaxy of stars. Too hard to split them up but we have a blue girl’s quilt underway, a blue fellow’s quilt underway and then we have some BOM blocks.  I will however tell you who made them all….


Liz J (I promise to take a better photo next time Liz)




Christine G

Janine C

Jenny B

M Harris – (I can’t use M’s first name as I already have another M…. H so that would be confusing)


Lynn sent me four quilt tops but I can only show you two as the other two would be a dead giveaway.  I already have plans for both of these….this for a female

And this for a bloke

 M Harris sent in this three great quilt tops.  Awesome!

Judith delivered these laundry bags for some 17 Construction fellows and 

a few other extras as well.
Start digging out those scraps ready for the next BOM block.  My scrap bin is overflowing so I am planning to trying to empty it out a bit with next months BOM block.  Get ready for some fun!!!

We had the sewing day here today and wow did those ladies work.  Rita C, Kiwi Karen and Evelyn came and so many project were knocked over it is awesome.  I need to rush to the Post Office now (parcels on their way Liz B and Lynn) so I will show you some photos tomorrow ….hope I remember.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!