This special Remembrance Day, the Centenary of Armistice Day…..

Written by AHQ

11 November 2018

I had not planned a post for today… I was waiting for the right inspiration to come to me and then this morning I woke to a heartfelt email from a former soldier who received a quilt a few months ago. 

For a number of reasons he has taken his time to write.  He told us the story of his service and in part wrote

“….when I received your quilt, I think it was a turning point for me. I realised that my service wasn’t for nothing and that people I don’t even know deeply care. Your quilt made me feel that my service was appreciated. Thank you.”

I know others, similarly affected, who have not been able to write.  My heart is so full of emotion that it leaks from my eyes.

I am so grateful that the gratitude and respect that our wonderful volunteers feel for these men and women who serve for us can be conveyed to them with our quilts and bags. 

Today I will observe Remembrance Day with a small country RSL Sub-Branch… in the company of a recipient who has become one of my dearest friends.   I will think of those who gave their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice … but I will also think of those who gave much of their lives, also at great cost, and who need to know it as not for nothing and that it is deeply appreciated and respected by many they will never meet. 

We Will Remember Them

Lest We Forget

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Sue Niven

    We will remember them. Consuming my thoughts today too.


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