This and That on Thursday.

Written by AHQ

10 April 2014

G’day all.

As the title suggests tonight’s post is a bit of this and that.  All sorts of information that I need to pass on for one reason or another.  Not very exciting but occasionally but has to be done.

Down with Pirates!

First bit of news today is that the Pirates are now out of action.  

If you missed it, a few days ago I was made aware that a US based blogger was re-publishing not only the Aussie Hero blog posts in their entirety. but posts from many other blogs as well, without giving credit or asking permission. This is frowned upon heavily in the online and blogging world.  I can only assume that the reason those responsible chose to do this was to profit financially.  They set things up so that the blog posts would stream automatically to their blog with no effort from them and then they make money from the advertising on their blog.  I really appreciated Linda and Trash (that is her blog name) for letting me know that it was happening.  Whilst the dishonesty of those who copied my blog should not be forgotten I was quite pleased to know that our blog rated with some of the other great blogs they saw fit to copy.  It was nice to be considered in such good company!  The good news is that the blog has now been closed down so we can continue on as before.  

ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge

ANZAC DAY is rapidly approaching.  I have had requests to allow people to sew their Challenge laundry bags over Easter so with the judge’s enthusiastic agreement I have decided to extend the deadline.  If you wish to enter a laundry bag into the ANZAC Day Challenge then you must have all photos in to me by midnight Monday the 21 of April.   Don’t worry about your timezone.  As long as your laundry bag photo is in my email inbox when I wake up on Tuesday the 22nd you will be fine.  

Get inspired people.  I have one to show you today.  I chose to make a Tri-Service bag and still hope to make an Aussie one.  My bag is the only one you will see before the big reveal as I am not entering the contest seeing as the judge is a close mate of mine.  

Sewing Days

The next thing to remind you about is our next couple of sewing days.  
This coming Sunday we are sewing at Penrith and on the next day, the Monday we will be sewing up a storm at my home. Normally I would not have two consecutive days but that is the way it worked out with Easter and ANZAC Day and school holidays and so on.   As with all sewing days please BYO lunch and sewing machine and I will provide the rest.

New Comers Welcome. All the sewing is SIMPLE.  If you can sew a straight line you can join in.  

Let me know if you are coming so that I can plan the fun.  Not sure what we will be sewing yet, could be laundry bags, bindings, a joint quilt top…..

Keep those thank you messages coming. 

A quick note about thank you messages.  Please keep sharing your thank you messages with me.  I share as many of them as I can on the blog to encourage others.  Not only the quilters enjoy reading them but I get comments from those who have family over there and also returned recipients who love to read them too.  Of course I remove all personal information and if I think I need to I will always seek permission from the author to share what they have written.

Some of you who have received thank you letters have been kind enough to email copies or to mail photocopies. If it takes a while before those ones make it to the blog that is because I don’t always have time to type them up but I do get to them so please keep them coming.

A little help if you please..

Can you help me out please.  If possible, when you are notifying me that you have actually posted off your quilt can you please 

include the name of recipient in the email
include a copy of the photo, even if you have sent it before

We may have been email chatting about a certain quilt for ages using a nickname for it like the dog quilt, the Docker’s quilt or the surfer dude’s quilt but please remember that I have similar conversations with lots of you and when the time comes for me to cross that quilt off I will not have it filed under “surfer dude”.  Many of you have done plenty of quilts by now too so searching on your name is not much help to me either.  So, if you can please quote the Surname or even the PM Keys number that would be great.  

Also, if at all possible, if you could please email me, rather than Facebook me, regarding quilts being sent and photos etc that makes life much easier for me.  If I need to double check something it is so much easier for me to do a search on my email than on Facebook.

These are just small things but they make life so much easier.

A little request.

One of my contacts has told me that they are running short of plain any occasion greeting cards where she is.  If you make cards or if you know someone who does or even if you want to buy a few plain cards and send them to me I will collect them and send the to her. At this stage I do not want to do this for all areas as they may be well catered for but I will check with other areas and will keep you posted. If you have any questions just let me know.

In the post this week….

The names of those who have sent off quilts and laundry bags this week are below. If you have sent something off this week and do not appear on my list please let me know.
Anne H
Jenny and Gale
Jill M
Jill S
Stephanie D
Stephanie T

Till next time…………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. trash

    The site operator obviously thought better of taking on the combined might of crafters who are incredbily familiar and competent with blades and sharp, pointy objects. Don't hack off the sewists.


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