Happy Mail 9th April

Written by AHQ

9 April 2014

Caroline here…
  Just a few lots of happy mail from my post office box this week, they are all awesome.
A quick apology to Kim H and Gail M from last week’s post.  My system failed me and I put the incorrect name next to the blocks in my post… So sorry… I think I worked out a better way to make sure that I don’t get them confused again. Thanks JM she fixed my boo boo and told me how to eliminate the problem.
First up we have a set of 2 for 1 blocks from Alicia N loving the fabrics
Some lovely poppies blocks from Kaylee H
And here come the newest One Stripe blocks, and they look fabulous and wow what an impact these are going to make.
These first group from Pennie T
These next lot are from Gail M
Next are a few from JM’s PO Box.
These are a few of the great lot that Dorothy sent in
These beauties were sent in by Pennie T

Sorry we were so flat out that I have lost the name of the person who sent in these 3 tiger blocks to JM.
This tiger block was sent in by Kim & Co
Thanks everyone.
I would like to say that no matter how much you contribute it all makes a difference.  If you read my post from Monday night you will see some of the lovely quilt tops that we are being able to create from the contributions our little community of quilters make.  So even one block will help, it might just be the perfect one I am missing to complete a quilt top.
Keep having fun and Happy Stitching.

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