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16 February 2015

As you know I went to Canberra last weekend.  
I thought I would share a little of what I got up to.

One of our female recipients is the recipient of a Commendation for Bravery.   It is the fourth higheset Australian Bravery Decoration.  I was privileged enough to accompany her to some of the functions held as part this weekend’s Australian Bravery Association Conference which was held to mark the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Australian Bravery Decorations Award System.

The Australian Bravery Association is a not-for-profit incorporated association which aims to maximize the support available to those members in our community who conduct themselves bravely to save life, property or the environment and thereby experience physical, emotional or other personal hardship.

Membership to the Australian Bravery Association is open to all recipients of an Australian Bravery or Gallantry Award irrespective as to whether it is a current Australian honour or a previously awarded former Imperial honour.

Ordinary Membership is also extended to recipients of other official awards bestowed in recognition for Bravery and Gallantry such as Police Services, Fire Departments, Royal Humane Society’s etc. Other classes of memberships are open to recipient’s families as well.

Did you know there was such an organisation as the Australian Bravery Association?   I didn’t and I figured many of you didn’t either.

On Friday we joined the other attendees at Poppy’s cafe at the Australian War Memorial for lunch. Then we were treated to a guided tour of the newly re-opened WWI galleries.   Some members of the Bravery Association participated in a wreath laying ceremony during the Last Post which was very moving.  

Finally on Friday evening we were invited to a reception in the Conservatory at the officer’s mess at the Royal Military College Duntroon.  

We did not attend any of the functions on Saturday so I filled in my evening by catching up with one of our recipients who has returned from South Sudan in recent months.  It was great to catch up in person after exchanging several emails.

On Sunday we attended a service of Remembrance in the Bravery Gardens in the grounds of Government House in Yarralumla.  the garden commemorates courage and sacrifice in war and also civilian bravery. The Garden is designed in shape of Southern Cross and the message stones are the points of the stars.

The stones represent the following:

The West Stone provides a summary of the purpose of the Australian Bravery Garden

The North Stone commemorates Military Bravery/Gallantry Award Recipients

The South Stone commemorates Civilian Bravery Recipients 

The East Stone commemorates those whose bravery cost them their lives.

The Fifth Stone acknowledges unknown and recognized acts of bravery.

The service was very moving. It was attended by the Governor General and his wife and also Lieutenant General Peter Leahy AC (RETD) and his wife.  After the service we were served a lovely morning tea on the lawns of Government House.  

I had a moment to speak to the Leahys and I am pleased to say that they had heard of Aussie Hero Quilts.  Would you believe that Mrs Leahy is a quilter!  Imagine that!

I suppose this isn’t not really Aussie Hero news but I thought you should be aware that there is an organisation like the Australian Bravery Association and also that there is a memorial garden called the Bravery Garden.   These are special Australian institutions and I was privileged to learn about them weekend.  

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. kiwikid

    I had never heard of the Australian Bravery Association — thank you for filling us in Jan-Maree.

  2. Unknown

    Had never heard f the Association until now. Thanks for telling us of what would have been a very interesting weekend. It's so nice to see that Awardees are not forgotten, but remembered in such a way as the garden. We are so fortunate to have the dedicated Service personnel and their families who support them in their vital work, so that we can live in safety and peace.

  3. Outback Crafter - Debra

    Never knew. It is good there is someone to help these people. It is usually assumed that if you 'survived' or were brave you are okay. Even the brave need help sometimes.


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