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12 September 2013

Greetings all.  
Before I share the thank you messages for tonight I have a few bits and pieces.

Firstly don’t forget our Silent Auction.  You can check it out here.  What a great opportunity to sail on a tall ship and raise funds for Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags) at the same time.  If you can’t get to Sydney to take advantage of it then why not share the post with your friends on Facebook or via email so that others can have the chance.  Might be a great way to get a cool Christmas present for that nautically minded person on your list, or even the one who has everything!

Don’t forget the next sewing day at my home is 
Wednesday the 18th. 
I am thinking of having two days during the school holidays depending on the level of enthusiasm. Those dates would be the 
Thursday the 26th 
Tuesday the 1st of October.

Finally, the next sewing day in Penrith is Sunday the 13th of October.


And one last note before the thank you messages.  Sometime when you are sitting around quietly I recommend you check out the recorded interviews on the Australian War Memorial Website for the Afghanistan, the Australian Story Exhibition.  I have been slowly watching them and they are very interesting.  I might at that there are at least two of the fellows who have received our quilts.  You can find the videos here 

Time to enjoy some messages from the troops.

Dear Jan-Maree,

I am currently serving in Afghanistan as part of Op Slipper and recently received one of your quilts. It is so beautiful and colorful and exactly what I needed to brighten up a sometimes dreary place. I have lovingly placed it on my bed and will make sure I keep good care of it!!

I would like to thank yourself and your volunteers for spending your precious time in making these quilts for the Australian Defence Force members that are deployed and helping put a smile on our face.  It is really appreciated.

Best wishes and thanks again,


Dear Julie Ann and the Merriwa Quilting Ladies,

I hope this email finds you all well and in good health.
I am writing this email to personally say Thank You all for the fantastic quilts and Laundry bags that you have sent me and the other members noted at the end of this email. 
As I am sure you are conscious that being a long way from home and loved ones has its mental and emotional strains. Receiving any gifts, especially something hand made, brightens our days considerably. It is obvious the effort you have put into these and I want to make sure you know that they are gratefully appreciated. 

I have been to the Hunter Region a few times and have loved it every time, the few horse patches on my quilt really give it a Hunter feel and will remind me of where it came from and the intentions that it was made with.

Once again I want to Thank You for your fantastic presents and ensure you that they are well received.

On behalf of me and the other members below

Stay safe,

Hi Ang,

This is a letter to Sandra P thanking her for the quilt that she has made for me. The quilt looks amazing. Its really great to know that there are people at home who are thinking of us and supporting us in times of deployment.

We have been away for about 6-7 weeks now and have been solidly busy. Some of the boys working well into the night to get our tasks complete.

The weather was really hot when we got here almost in the 50’s but is starting to cool off especially when I get up around 530 – 6 in the morning almost need to start wearing a jumper in the morning. The days are still warm though in the low 40’s. Think in the next 6 weeks or so we will be feeling a marked difference. Temperatures will dip into the minuses over the december january months.

Thanks again for the quilt. I await my laundry bag with much anticipation. My store bought one isn’t surviving well after 2 deployments and an AACAP!


Dear Jan-Maree, Margaret and all the sewing group team at Heritage Lodge,

Hi, I’m a Flight Lieutenant in the RAAF. I am currently on operations in Afghanistan.

Yesterday I received an Australia Post Package. I get very excited when I receive packages from home. I opened it up and was very impressed to see a beautifully hand crafted Aussie Hero Quilt all the way from Heritage Lodge Murwillumbah, NSW! It was even made in my favorite colour, blue!

May I thank you sincerely for all your efforts in making this airman a happy one, it certainly made my day. The quilt will make good use on my bed, and I will take it home were it will be a great memory of my deployment. 

Once again, many thanks to you all for putting in such a great effort, I surely did appreciate your kind words of support in your letter. I also enjoyed reading about yours and your extended families military service.

I have attached a photograph of my new quilt on the ‘Heron’ UAV.

I hope you like it. 

Good Day Sue,

I am now a proud owner of a laundry bag, (bright red, orange and yellow “Hot Chilli” pattern with a “Paratropper” pattern mouth in army colours).

I speak not only for my own but to the others who have these great pieces of art from Aussie Hero Quilts and laundry bags. As a result of your dedication and hard work to help make our time serving our country easier and more enjoyable as we see a splash of colour as the guys and girls go do their their laundry among the dusty landscape of Afghanistan.

Thank you for making this possible.

Best Regards,

I am slowly emailing all of those on HMAS Newcastle who are on our list and who we have not heard from yet to confirm that their quilt or laundry bag has arrived safe and sound.  If I hear back from your recipient I will let you know personally.  The following are the responses I have received in the last 24 hours.

Good evening Madeleine,

I would just like to say a massive thank you for the wonderful quilt you took the time to sew and send over. It is greatly appreciated. The photo of Scarborough beach at sunset almost makes me a little home sick ha ha. 
I am originally from Albany on the south west coast. I have a few mates in Scarborough and we always go to the beach when I’m back during the summer. The quilt is amazing, quite handy as it’s started to cool down a bit. The West Coast design wasn’t important, the Australian flag is great. I like all the little patches in there too. 
Thanks again for the quilt and hope you have a great summer in the best state of Australia.
Kind regards,


Yes I received my laundry bag.  Thankyou soo much, it is amazing what you ladies do for us. I will be sure to send the maker a nice email as well. We took some group photos of all our quilts and laundry bags yesterday so hopefully all the ladies will get a copy to show off as well

Once again thank you very much.


Yes I have received it and the funny thing is, everybody in my mess said it was the best one so far and they all wish they had that one hahaha! So I guess it is a good thing that someone played a trick on me with the fairies. Thanks again for helping me out a second time with the second quilt.


Yes I have received my quilt and its amazing, better than anything I could buy from a shop.

I sent an email to my quilter, but I’m unsure if made it through, and I have since misplaced the email address.

Is there any chance you would be able to provide me with the address of my quilter


And when i sent the address I got this reply!  LOVE it.

Oh, thank you very much for that, I have searched high and low for the address, you have again made my day

Hi Jan-Maree

I did receive my quilt which I love.

Thank-you so much for the opportunity to have one.


Hi Jan I have received my quilt I love it its amazing.   Could you thank the people involved making it for me

I was having a bit of a hard time missing home and this lifted my spirits.  Thank you so much.


Hey Jan

I have received my quilt and laundry bag sound and safe and they both look amazing, I appreciate them so much and will write a letter of thanks when I get home.

Thank you once again



Yes, I only just received it in the last port (Fleetmail more like Snail mail haha)

Thank you very much! Unfortunately the person who sent it couldn’t take the credit for the lovely work that somebody had put into it, however it is still as comfortable as ever and I appreciate the hard work that was put into both my Quilt and Laundry bag.
Plus the chupa-chups didn’t go wasted either haha

Many Thanks for your efforts, we appreciate your work so much!


Hi Jan-Maree,
I have been terribly slow at getting back to you, I have received my Laundry bag and couldn’t be happier with it. 

I would like to send a photo to Angela via her email and a short thank you and I have her email with the package she sent me.

Thank you for all your efforts fro organising such lovely and inspiring gifts for everyone on board, I have not heard of one person who isn’t proud as punch of their quilt.


The following people have sent parcels off this week.  
If you are not on this list and think you should be please let me know. 

Alison O
Jenny L
Julie Ann
Pam Y
Stephanie D
Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Janine C

    So exciting to hear laundry bags and quilts referred to as 'pieces of art' because that is what they are – original art from the heart.


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