Thanks on Thursday and another good story!

Written by AHQ

22 August 2013

Greetings all.  
Another good story to tell tonight of a quilt being received………..eventually 
and when we had just about given up hope!

Way back in late June I received a request for a quilt via a really lovely email some of which I can share

“I just wanted to write and let you know how much joy your quilts and laundry bags have brought to the base… People have been smiling for weeks when their quilt arrives and I know the laundry bags are a source of plenty of bragging rights!
I’m not sure how this all works, but I was told that if I was interested in potentially receiving a quilt to write to this email address and explain a little about myself and what I do here.

(Information deleted to protect the innocent)
I’m not sure exactly what I’d like in a quilt-I don’t have any real preferences and I’ve been really impressed with some the art works that my mates have received here. I don’t really have any favorite colors but at the moment its been nice to see some of the earthy reds, browns, and greens around that are so synonymous with the Afghans and their culture.
Please let me know if you need me to provide anymore details and Thanks again for all your wonderful work-it really makes a difference.”

Given that the mail can be a little unpredictable (little did I know) I didn’t think we had time to make a quilt and get it in the mail in time so I looked at the ones I have on hand here for just this sort of occasion.  I picked out this Block of the Month quilt – one of my favourites – and thought the colours looked right and the stars made me immediately think of the stars in a night sky.  I bundled it up and sent it off on the first of July.  It should have been there within two weeks, if not less. That is how long mail was taking at the time.

I told the gent that his quilt was on its way and this was his response!

“The work that you and Aussie Heroes team do is simply amazing and there is a lot very very appreciative men and women here that want to pass on their thanks.

I’m intrigued by the quilt you described and can’t wait to see it. I think this is part of the BIG impact that these gifts can have -there’s so much anticipation in the build up to QUILT DAY!!”

That made my day………and then we waited.  Finally on the 24th of July I could wait no longer and I emailed him to see if the quilt had turned up….

“I’m still waiting with baited breath 🙂 Shouldn’t be too long now…”

Not happy Jan!!!

Checked again early August by which time I had prepared a replacement quilt just in case….

“I still haven’t received anything on my end, but I’ll check again with the mail girls tomorrow… It would be a TRAGEDY if it was one of the packages that got ruined in the rain 🙁
I’m almost into my final few weeks now, so I’d hold off on sending it here as I may have already left…
Fingers crossed something will arrive soon and I’ll get in touch as soon as it does.
Thanks again for all your fantastic work!”

We had agreed that I would wait till he was home and then would forward the second quilt but we both kept our fingers crossed that something would happen and the original quilt would turn up! 

Well thank you Aussie Hero Fairies!  This morning I woke to this message…

“Hi Jan-Maree,

You’ll never guess what arrived in the mail today!

What an amazing quilt-I am totally wrapped! Thank you so much to all those involved for taking the time to put this together-(I’m guessing hours, although I’m sure it would take me months!)-it really made a huge difference to my day-and will continue to put a smile on my face right up until the end of my deployment. It’s currently taking pride of place above my bed and is serving as a nice reminder of all of the great people back home.

The timing couldn’t have been better in the end – I had just finished up working on a project that has taken up much of my time here, and it was a great “reward” when I had this parcel waiting for me!  (apparently it is a fairly well traveled parcel as the post had taken a few wrong turns along the way – but all is (VERY) well that ends well…)

It was also great to be able to read a little about the fantastic folks who put  these masterpieces together. A BIG thank you to Stephanie T as well as the ladies at the Penrith Sewing Days for donating their time and effort – I didn’t really know what to expect, but this has totally blown me away – I LOVE it! Thank you!  The colors are fantastic and I will definitely cherish this as a special keepsake for a long long time!

Thank you to the Rodriquez tea towel company as well – what a lovely donation. The material is great and I’ll make sure to look out for more of their work when I get home.

The fact that you’ve been able to put together so many quilts is amazing!  Because of you and your team, there is over 1700 incredibly happy people and I don’t think there are too many people in the world who can say that they’ve been able to put smiles on so many people’s faces – you should be very very proud!

Thank you again for the beautiful quilt and laundry bag… and for all that you’ve done to help and inspire the folks over here.

All the best,”

Did you note that he said we had sent over 1700 quilts?  In every covering letter I tell people how many quilts and laundry bags we have sent to date.  We are up to over 1900 now – that is how long his quilt has taken!  I am sooooo glad it got there.

And then there is this story, passed on my Meg,

“Here’s a little story to make you smile- My mum was channel flicking the other day; or it could have been the other week, it doesn’t seem long ago, but easily could have been last year, and caught a bit of BTN (not sure if you know what that is. It’s ‘children’s news’ on the ABC) and they were doing a segment on the navy. They showed a room (or whatever the naval word is for that) complete with quilt on the bed! Almost certainly an Aussie Hero Quilt!” 

Just so you know, I have been busy sending chase up emails to lots of those people on Newcastle who are on our list.  I am checking on any quilts that were sent in May, June and early July and if I hear anything I will let you know.  The chaplain is helping me to check them out too.  🙂


Morning Joan and Robin,

Thanks very much for the laundry bag. It’s brilliant!

I love the colours, patterns and the fact that it’s double sided. There appears to be a few of us floating around with the Aussie Hero Laundry bags, so thanks for all the support that you guys have provided to us. We are here for a fairly lengthy deployment and will have completed almost 9 months away from home by the end of our tour. The days can be very monotonous  and it’s things like the quilts and bags that puts smiles on our faces.

The room on barracks are generally very sterile and there is very little colour in them, unless you count white as a colour :). As you could imagine, the Aussie Quilts are the centre pieces of most bedrooms, if they were lucky enough to receive one.
Thanks again for all your support. 


I received the quilt that you sent me, it came in the mail today and is absolutely beautiful. It is for my lovely daughter & I am sure that she will love it. What you have done has made my week, so thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I will send you a photo of my daughter with her new quilt when I return to Aust.

Thankyou again, you are doing an amazing job with the quilts, and it is definitely making a difference.

Hi Angela, 
Thankyou so much for the time invested in making this great looking quilt. I received it yesterday and was totally amazed at the detail and effort you have made and I really appreciate your thoughts and letter also. My mother will be so proud when she sees it as she lost a close friend some time ago who was a passionate and talented quilter. Initially when I saw it I was reminded of that. I found your letter very interesting and I am sure with all the work you do you must be kept very busy.


hello Jan-Maree,
thank you for my quilt its exactly what I wanted did bring my morale up plus the crews everyone has been really happy with what they all got and appreciate that each quilter put in to get the quilts as good as they were so thank you for this.


Dear Jan-Maree,

My quilt has arrived, thankyou.
It has served me well as it’s not too warm but keeps me comfortable during these varying climates.
I’m sure it will continue to serve me well when I return home when I pass it on to my young son Jacob.
Pass on my gratitude to all at Aussie Hero Quilts, it’s satisfying to know that we haven’t been forgotten and there’s more people out there besides our family that appreciate and understand the effort and hardship that we endure whilst away. 

Dear Debbie,

Firstly a very big thank you for the greatly appreciated gift.   As our time here is winding down the little luxuries are starting to disappear, so the biscuits and reading material will go a long way.

(Had to leave out heaps but it was a lovely newsy letter!)

Thank you again for your support and well wishes.   All the guys on my team who have received an Aussie Hero Quilt are very appreciative of the time, effort, dedication and commitment that go into making them.
Stay safe, healthy and happy.  


This is another quilt that took far too long to get to its owner!  Phew.  Glad it made it.

Good Morning Jan,

I arrived this morning to find a package which contained my beautiful quilt.  I am very appreciative of the work and effort that your members put into making the wonderful creations.  It is a wonderful organisation that you have going with so many wonderful people willing to donate their time to creating the fabulous laundry bags and quilts.

Do you require more sewers to come on board and help make quilts and laundry bags?  At home I am a member of the XXXXXX Lions Club and if I could help you by getting you name around and maybe recruiting a few more sewers that would like to donate their talents and time to what you are doing I would love to help you if I could.  If you do, please let me know any details and I will gladly do some ‘recruiting’ for you.

Once again thank you to you and your wonderful group of sewers.  I will of course be sending my personal thanks to Pam Y who made my quilt.  


I did indeed receive my laundry bag, and it is awesome. But I have lost the piece of paper which detailed my quilter.. could you possibly send me the email address if you have it?(already done it!)  If not I will have a search of my rack again to try find it… Either way, my Metallica Laundry Bag is the bomb. Thank you very much!

Yours Aye,

Dear Julie,
I received a laundry bag from you today, thank you! It is a great encouragement to know that people are thinking of us here and supporting us. It is great to have my classic mustangs on display not only because they are cool, but also because its a reminder of the support from back home.
Again, thank you for your time and effort it is really appreciated.

Both the quilt and the laundry bag are now in use and very much appreciated. Louise and Joan have really put out a great piece of work and I feel immensely privileged to have been the recipient. Louise can’t possibly have known this, but i have a primal fear of sharks, so its only apt that a horde of these terrifying creatures stand watch over my bedspace. Joan’s pattern handiwork was one of the first things i noticed after the main design. Please pass on my regards to both ladies for their work!

I’ll be making sure that both the laundry bag and the quilt make it back to Aus at the end of the trip. Who knows, when I finally have my own kids they may end up inheriting them 😉
Thanks again for all your hard work and diligence. Please know, and pass on to those that assist you, that your time is very well spent and very much appreciated over here. 
Wishing you all the best,

If you have sent off a quilt or a laundry bag this week then your name should be on the list below.  If you are not there, and you think you should be just email me.  Sometimes I might hold back a photo for a few weeks until the item has been received but any doubts just ask.  If you have sent something and have not sent me the photos please send it as soon as you can so I can add it to the post for tomorrow night. 

Clare and the Valhalla Talking Threads
Jenny and Gale
Lee T
Steph N
Stephanie T

And just before I go…..

A very big Happy Birthday to Evelyn!  Hope you had a lovely lunch out and were spoilt rotten.

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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    What wonderful stories. I just love coming back to this blog again and again to keep me sewing.


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