I always enjoy sharing the thank you messages.   These first two are from fellows who did not know they had been put on my list so it would have been a surprise for them.  Nancy sent these two quilts.

Just a friendly hello and confirmation that I have indeed received a quilt from you guys.  many thanks and I hope you all know it is much appreciated.
Cheers  🙂

G’day Jan-Maree
I received  quilt and laundry bag today!  It was unexpected.  Thank you very much.  Your efforts are more than appreciated.  I had not thought such organisations existed.
Kind regards

Dear Angela,

I am not sure how much time has passed since you sent the laundry bag on 

its long journey to Afghanistan but you will be please to know that it 

has arrived.  It is the envy of my peers and is being put to good use. I haven’t had 

to look far to find my laundry bag at all.
I am not sure how often people you make quilts and laundry bags for 
write back and say thank you. I am so grateful for the care and effort 
that you have put into making something so unique
for a stranger you do not know more than half a world away. I wish I 
could thank you personally for what you have done.
I hope this message finds you safe and well, busily making another quilt 
or laundry bag and changing another strangers life. May God bless you 
and the other Chatting Chooks. You are in my prayers

For Maddy – the result of one of my follow up emails

Thank you for your email. 
I lost your email address, and have been trying to locate it.
Yes I received my quilt the other week and the wash bag a week after.
Thank you so much, for the time an effort that was put into these gifts. They have defiantly come into good use, the quilt doesn’t come off my bed.
Thank you again,

This female member has already written a personal letter to her quilter but she took the time recently to write to us as well.

Dear Aussie Hero Quilters

I was recently deployed on OP ASLAN in South Sudan and in early January I had the good fortune of recieving a gorgeous quilt from Janie P of Blackboy Hill Quilters in Western Australia. She has done a truly beautiful job of the quilt – it is gorgeous and I don’t even want to hazard a guess at how many hours of work she has had to put into this creation. Janie wrapped the quilt up with some amazing smelling soap and hand cream, making the quilt smell absolutely divine – particularly when compared to the dust and decay of South Sudan in January. The quilt had a very good work out for the rest of my deployment and reminded me every day that there were lots of people back in Australia thinking about all of us deployed around the world.

On return to Australia I had to have an operation for an injury sustained whilst deployed in South Sudan and my trusty quilt came along to hospital as well – it was good to have something that was mine in hospital (and all the nurses commented on how beautiful it was) and it still smells amazing so blocked out some of the ‘hospital smells’.

So I would just like to say thank you to Janie and all who contribute to the fantastic work of Aussie Hero Quilters. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

I am busy sewing today so I am not going to spend much more time writing but I do need to share a few things.  Firstly you need to check out our tutorials page.  Naomi has been working very hard and has included pdfs of all the Aussie Slang words I put on the blog last Sunday night for the BOM post.  It is great. They are all there waiting for you to print them out (assuming you have a printer).  Naomi also said that in some programs you can print things in reverse to make it even easier.  I am still trying to do that myself but Naomi has made the offer that if anyone wants something emailed to them ready to trace for applique please let her know (be****@we*****.au) and she will sort it for you.
And still on the subject of Aussie Slang and applique Jan, whose daughter is married to a good Aussie farming family, sent me this collected of Aussie expressions to add to our list. I love these!  I can see a whole quilt made up of Aussie sayings!  Can’t you?

On, ya!
Yeah, Nah
Bet ya me boots
Whaddya know?
Strike a light
She’ll be Jake
Ya mug!
No worries, Mate
All froth & no beer
Fair crack of the whip
Off like a bride’s nightie
Flat out like a lizard drinkin’
Ankle biter
Down the frog & toad
Fit as a Mallee bull
On ya, mate
She’ll be right, mate
Well, suck me dry & call me Dusty!
On me Pat Mallone
Hope ya chooks turn into emus & kick ya dunny door down!
Slow as a wet week
Loose as a cut snake
Useless as tits on a bull
Buckley’s & none
Struth, Mate!
A few snags short of a barbie
Few roos loose 
Thingamy bob
Thingamy gig
A wigwam for a goose’s bridle
How ya goin’?
Ya goose!
ya two bob’s worth
A man’s not a camel
Bloody ripper!
What a cracker!
Up at sparrow’s fart
Blow it up ya arse!
Great chick, but ugly as a dingo’s bum!
Mad as a cut snake
On ya shanks & pony
Hava go!

And just before I go – the next Penrith Sewing Day details are as follows

Sunday, 17 March 

Penrith Patchwork

97b Henry Street Penrith
Plenty of parking at the rear.
10am to 2pm.
BYO machine, mug (if you want tea or coffee, lunch and snacks.  I provide all the material required and will try and bake if I have time.  You just need to bring thread, scissors etc.  
We will be making laundry bags galore!

Back to sewing for me – I need to finish everything on my list if I am to ever have time to do some more applique words!

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!