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15 January 2014

G’day all.

Time for some thank you messages!
Good Morning Noeleen,

Attached is a photo of my new quilt cover on my bed.  I couldn’t get a photo of me with it because I’m not that good at taking ‘Selfie’s’.  Once again thank you very much for making this for me.  I love it. 


Dear Julie Ann 

I’m writing to express my sincere thanks for the time and effort you put into  designing and making the laundry bag for me as part of Aussie Hero Quilts organization.  It was definitely a very nice surprise and it made my day when I received it. I especially like the effort you went to with sewing the guitars onto my laundry bag.

I think that the work you do definitely makes a difference to deployed personnel and it is nice to know that our work is appreciated.  I hope that you continue with your amazing work in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Hello Debbie,

I have received the quilt you made for me, its great!! . Thankyou soo much for making it and sending me the treats.
I enjoyed reading your letter it was nice, Hope you are well and to hear from you soon.


Caroline received a great pic from one of her recipients

This was a message to me to tell me that Judith’s quilt has been received…

Yes I did receive my quilt and it is awesome. You ladies have done such a wonderful job and the crew really appreciates it.  Thank you very much once again , and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards 


Hi Jan-Maree,

Yes, I have received the quilt. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It is greatly appreciated over here.



Hi Stephanie T,

I am writing to let you know that I recently received the quilt that you and your friends made. It was fantastic and I would like to say how much it is appreciated. If you could please also pass my kindest regards to Elizabeth, Kate, Kathrin,Robyn, Jenny, Lyn as well. It has been a welcome addition to my bunk and keeps one warm at night. Believe it or not, it can get mighty chilly here in the Middle East. I am sure that it will get lots of use in the future as well. 

I hope you have all had a happy and wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine was good even though we are all miles from home, we all made the most of it in the best traditions of the ADF.

Anyways take care and look after yourselves 


Dear Jan-Maree,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the quilt that you made for me, can you please pass on to the ladies that helped out as well that I am very humbled by what you all do for us while we are away. It makes things that little bit easier being away knowing that we have people back home thinking about us.
Thank you again and hope that you have a great day.  
Kindest Regards


Hello Joan and Robin,

Thank you very much for your laundry bag I received recently. It was a lovely surprise and very useful; the ones we have here are very small and fall apart easily, so it is a real luxury to have a nice big sturdy one. I really appreciate your work and it is nice to see the bags come in and brighten the day of my soldiers and the others I work with.

Kind regards,

Liz received a lovely letter from one of her recipients and this is a snippet of it.

It makes a difference when someone outside your family circle appreciates you as a serving member in Defence.  I feel honoured that you have taken your time in making a quilt and sending it to me. I will cherish this bedding item for years to come. The design very much aligns to my regimental demeanor and captures my personality.”

Leanne sent me copies of a couple of lovely letters that she received.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to create such a beautiful quilt for me.  It is nice to have a piece of home to keep me warm during the cold nights here in Afghanistan.  I have now been away from my wife for seven months which has not been easy, and have another two months to go, but every night I climb into bed under my warm quilt and it reminds me of home and my family and that they are never far away.  It is for this reason that I, and all Australian soldiers, are very thankful that there are special people like you and the Aussie Heroes quilt team that remind us each and every day that although we are on operations in the another country thousands of kilometers from home, we have not been forgotten and home is never far away.  Again, I thank you and the Aussie hero Quilts team for all you have done to support Australian soldiers on operations.

and her second letter

I would like to thank you for your amazing quilt and laundry bag you have made, it is just want I wanted.  A real keep sake and I will treasure it.   I am using it on a daily basis.  it is getting cold over here.  
I would just like to say again thankyou for what you are doing for all of us over here. We really do appreciate all your efforts.

On Monday night I had dinner with a Captain who came back from Tarin Kot in December last year.  It was a great evening and I wish all of you who sew for Aussie Heroes could have been there to hear him talk about how Aussie Heroes is impacting those in the Middle East.  You really had to hear the enthusiasm in his voice.  He said that everyone got to know who owned which laundry bag and they got so they could recognise someone from the back by the laundry bag they were carrying.  The laundry bags and quilts in Tarin Kot were a real talking point with every new parcel being paraded up and down the corridors in the accommodation.  We had a great night discussing all the people he knew who had received quilts and laundry bags. He would bring up a name and in most cases I could tell him if they had received a quilt or not.  Many times I was able to show him a picture of the quilt in question.  I had a quilt on my design wall that is actually going to someone he knows well.  He said everyone was constantly taking photos of the quilts and bags.  I told him the story of Superdad and the pink ballet quilt he requested for his captain.  Turns out he know the captain well and thought the whole story was hilarious!!  I suspect he is going to make a point of making sure that Captain never lives down receiving that pink quilt and laundry bag.  Such is life in the military! LOL
Such a great evening!

(Shared this photo on FB but wanted to make sure my non-FB readers see it too)

Just quickly, I have received a quilt in the mail and laundry bags (from Millie and Bev).  Those photos will be up next week.
Thanks very much ladies.

The following have sent off quilts and laundry bags this week. Please email me if you are not on the list and should be.

Jenny and Gale
Liz J
Stephanie T
Sue N

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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    Great stuff as always, a really lovely read and a highlight of my day is reading this blog.


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