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Written by AHQ

17 December 2014

Some people don’t just become a recipient they become part of the Aussie Hero Family and this young lady is one of those.  She came along with her husband when he came to collect his quilt from myself and Julie Ann and she went away and hatched a plan.  That plan involved inviting the Aussie Hero Quilters out to RAAF Richmond as guests for a day.   Lots of other people were involved in that day too, but none of it would have happened without her efforts.   So, after spending the day with her at Richmond when the time came for her to deploy I knew the ladies would want a hand in making her quilt. 

There are two things we knew she would like.  Lego and Star Trek.  Well Star Trek made it on to the back of the quilt and the front was saved for Lego.  Each of the blocks on the front of the quilt was made by one of the ladies who attended our special day at RAAF Richmond.

And before anyone gets any idea re asking for a lego quilt, there is will never be another one like this. Some quilts need to remain “one ofs” as they are as special as the  people they are given to.

So this is a very special Gratitude post.  We are grateful for what has been done for us and, just quietly, what she continues to do for us, and she has written a thank you message in response to her quilt.  

Hello Aussie Hero Quilters!

A promise was made to say thank you properly, and initially I struggled finding the time. Now things have settled and I’m struggling to find the words.

Many times you have receive thanks, either by email, words or by word of mouth. Many times you haven’t heard anything at all and you are left to wonder.

The difference in this occasion? it’s personal. The people who contributed to my quilt are not some faceless unknowns to me. I have had the absolute honour and privilege of meeting many of you on one day, before becoming part of the exclusive ever growing recipients club. I remember a lot of faces, but not many names. I remember strong winds, and I remember an electrified atmosphere. And I remember the date, 03 September. What I did not envision, was the follow on effect.

I became involved in organising the day as my husband was a recipient and we met Jan-Maree and Julie Ann. From there the idea was born. And what a great day it was. I was surprised and humbled at the end of the day when I was given Frank, and thought that would be the end of it.

It was not in the planning for me to be deployed, so I did not think I would ever become a quilt recipient. However, a short time later I found myself in the Middle East, and was informed there will be a quilt. Growing more concerned about what JM and you other quilters would come up with, I tried ignoring the whole quilt idea, bombarding JM with requests for others in hopes mine would be forgotten… It didn’t work. Instead, you all banded together and starting sending care packages. With many of my favourites. Now I was really concerned, what else do you all know?

Whilst deployed, I met many people who all spoke highly of AHQ, and more importantly of their own quilts. I felt privileged to be able to say, I’ve met some of those fantastic people! And was able to brag about RAAF Richmond inviting AHQ and being the first base to do so. The genuine interest shown by ADF members into what and how AHQ does what it does was fantastic. I know you, like I, have read many times how people are touched emotionally when they receive a quilt or LB. But to hear first hand, to see the slight swelling of the tear ducts, and then to experience it first hand, there are no words.

I was lucky enough to have my quilt hand delivered. JM knows all too well I don’t like crowds and you should all know I don’t like hugs! I was sent home medically, and still have a rough road to travel for full recovery. This quilt will, and already has assisted me.

So, in short: Thank You.

Thank you for thinking not only of me, but everyone. Thank you for the time and dedication. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Thank you for having fun, being creative and sewing with enthusiasm. Thank you for making my quilt so personal, from Spock right down to the husky in the corner. The detail, the thoughts, the colours.

It is very much appreciated.



Now, I am trying to scale down a little before Christmas in order to catch up on a few things before the big day.   There will be no blog post tomorrow night but if there is anything important to share I will post it on facebook.  I am going to start another email group for those who are not into Facebook so that I can share the info that gets shared on FB without bothering everyone. If you would like to be included in that group please email me.  

Till Friday, keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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    Just wonderful Jan-Maree.


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