Sunday’s Sewing in Penrith.

Written by AHQ

3 November 2013

Hi all
It has been a busy day today and so this is going to be an unusually short post.  I headed out to Penrith with my suitcase packed with quilts to bind and label.  I am not sure how many I took. I didn’t count them but just kept folding them and packing them in the suitcase.  Those of you who follow Facebook will have seen this picture but here it is again for the non-facebook ladies.  I must have had about 8 or ten quilts in there, all needing binding and labels.

We had six of us there. Kiwi Karen, Katherine, Chelly, Lisa and Nicole.   Chelly worked hard on her knights themed quilt and got it layered and quilted but the rest of us got stuck into binding…….and bindin…….and binding. 

Christine dropped in and had been going to call in and collect up to six quilts to take with her but in the end there was only one for her to take away.  Nicole took a couple home to finish off and I brought the rest home.  There are a couple more labels to sew on  and then they will be ready to send off.  Job well done ladies!  I am so grateful for your help.   Most people don’t enjoy doing to bindings, especially by machine, so I really appreciate you being good sports about it 

Thanks muchly ladies.

The next sewing day is on Wednesday at my home. If you are able to come please let me know that I can  be prepared for it.  Either PM me on facebook or email me (fr**********@gm***.com) for the details.

Sorry this is so brief but I have to unpack and sort out from today and get a few domestics done, plus answer some emails.  

Till next time……….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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