Weekly Dispatches 1 November

Written by AHQ

1 November 2013

12 quilts this week and 69 laundry bags.  

1169 quilts and 2184 laundry bags for 2013.  

2177 quilts and 3550 laundry bags in total. 

Hi all.
We are starting the show off with a special quilt this week.  I can’t remember if I have shown this quilt before.  I have been waiting till I knew it had been received so I don’t think I have.  This fellow wanted a quilt with all sorts different waves on it plus a flag.   Had me stumped for a while but then I thought of a past recipient called Terry who is now back in Oz and happily enjoying his hobby of photography!  I am Facebook friends with him which is great as I get to see all the awesome photos he takes as well as keep in touch.  When I was thinking about this quilt I realised that lots of the photos Terry takes are of waves as he spends alot of time at the beach (lucky thing).  I asked Terry for permission to use some of his photos and he response was “use any photos you want for AHQ, especially for a digger!”  Thanks Terry.

I printed out a heap of photos, snatched up a flag panel and some toning fabrics and headed off to a sewing day.  I knew what I had in mind but had no time to sew it myself so I was very grateful to be able to hand the project over the the wonderful Evelyn who took to concept and ran with it. She cut and sewed and pieced all day and then took the quilt top home to complete the quilt!  I think the end result is really lovely!   

Keep taking those photos Terry, you just don’t know what request I will get next!



Another one by me!


Judy C – using her own hand dyed fabrics!

Julie Ann

Karen B


Maree – can you believe that this quilt made it to Dubai in THREE DAYS?  A new AHQ record I am sure!




Sue N

Don’t forget the sewing day on Sunday in Penrith but please let me know if you are planning to come so I can be prepared for you!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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