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4 November 2013

Hi all,

I know it is the 4th of November and still no BOM (Block of the Month) has been released but time has been at a premium and with me planning to take a trip, albeit for Aussie Heroes (more details about my trip on Wednesday) I am having to be very careful with my time management etc.  For the months of November and December there will be no new BOMs – oh I hear your cries of disappointment.  Don’t be too disheartened.  I have plans for a special block to come next week for a special occasion – wait and see AND if you really want to sew some blocks for us then please go wild sewing some Wonky Crosses.  The tutorial can be found here  and you can use any colours.

And whilst there are no BOMs for the next two months I am running with Mystery Quilts. The next one is for a girly Aussie Quilt so if anyone wants to take part in that please send in a stamped self addressed envelope for your swatch of fabric and instructions.
Post to Aussie Heroes (Aussie Girl)
PO Box 248 C
Cherrybrook, NSW  2126

It is time to show you another Mystery Quilt that has had to be shrouded in secrecy for fear of spoiling the surprise.  What seems like ages ago I called for blocks, via email, for another Mystery Quilt.  This time it was for a very special person, special because she is a quilter!  I knew what she liked – animals, sea creatures and minions!  Yep,  those funny little yellow fellows who feature so cutely in “Despicable Me”.  As someone who really is trying very hard not to grow up completely that appealed to me for a start. LOL  So to make a quilt for a quilter!  LOL


So I called for blue blocks for a Mystery Quilt. I told them about Minions and sea creatures and the colour was to be predominantly Mid Blue.  Everyone had free reign to make whatever sort of block they wanted and then the blocks started to come in.

Once the blocks started rolling in it was time to put the quilt top together.  What fun!  I selfishly reserved this privilege for myself.  Everyone had sent in such wonderfully diverse blocks and I loved every minute of putting the quilt together.  I thought it was a really fun quilt and incorporated everything that Our Deployed Quilter had said she liked.

Lynn pieced the backing.  Someone had donated a panel of quilters expressions and Lynn pieced them into a panel to go on the back of the quilt.  I personalized her label a little so can’t show you all of it as it has the normal words but also has her name on it.  The crest is that of her Corps which she told me in a previous email she really likes and as she is Pay Corps I added the coins around it.

Then the quilt was sent up to Kym in Bundaberg for quilting and she went to town on it with a fabulous pattern that was all sea creatures and seaweed.    Just awesome.  I wish I could have seen the finished quilt but to save time and postage Kym quilted it, bound it and sent it off.  Thanks Kym!

“At last it arrived.  First I got a message on Facebook.
I got my quilt and it is beautiful!  I love it.  The quilting is amazing, it starts at the top with clouds, then works down towards sand then it is underwater spectacular.  The quilt squares are stunning, the rattlesnake (Laurel’s block) is just incredible.  I had not seen it before. Plus the colours it is so me.  This quilt is me, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am excited about it, I can’t stop looking at it.  Thank you.”  

That Facebook message was followed up with an email that covered a number of topics but principally the quilt.

thankyou for the most wonderful quilt ever made.  One in a minion – now that just makes me smile. (Well done Nicky!)  It is a work of art and I can testify that is a beauty to sleep under too.  I slept like a log last night and I reckon it was the quilt.  Perfect.  I keep looking at it and finding more and more details to examine.  I can not get over how lucky I am.  I am truly spoilt.  I really cannot thank you enough.”

I am so glad that I can finally share it with you now that it has been received. 

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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